Mike Robinson

Dr Mike Robinson BA MA PhD PgCTLHE FHEA

Principal Lecturer in Mathematics, Course Leader BSc Maths (Joint), LTA Department Lead (Joint)


Teaching areas

Mathematical methods

dynamical systems

Fourier analysis

projects in modelling, simulation, education

Research Interests

Mathematics education


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

My research interests are in the field of mathematics education in Higher Education. Along with colleagues, I was responsible for the HE curriculum strand of the More Maths Grads project working with universities across England exploring student and staff attitudes to undergraduate mathematics More recently I have been focussing on assessment and feedback practices in mathematics and related subjects.


Journal articles

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Book chapters

Croft, A., Grove, M., Kyle, J., & Lawson, D. (2015). Providing Effective Feedback. In Transitions in Undergraduate Mathematics Education.

Tahti, E., & Goodfellow, H. (2001). Push-pull ventilation of open surface tanks. In Industrial Ventilation Design Guidebook.

Internet Publications

Cornock, C., & Robinson, M. (2015). Use of video: thinking outside the lecture. https://maths.shu.ac.uk/video/


Rowlett, P., Bartholomew, H., Cornock, C., Robinson, M., & Waldock, J. (2016). Student use of an open learning space in mathematics. Presented at: Learning and Teaching Conference 2016, Sheffield Hallam University

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