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Shahrzad Zargari

Dr Shahrzad Zargari BSc (Hons), MSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Computer Systems and Networks; Course Leader in Computer Security with Forensics


Shahrzad has worked in the computing industry for over 15 years and gained a great deal of experience in computer hardware/software and business management. She has developed a passion for digital forensics and security, where she can employ her background knowledge in applied statistics and data mining in order to improve network security. At the moment, Shahrzad is the course leader in Computer Security with Forensics and is involved with teaching different topics in digital forensics.

  • About

    Shahrzad holds a PhD in Applied Statistics from the University of Leeds, MSc in Forensics Computing and Security, and BSc Hons in Statistics. In addition, she holds a PgCert in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and became a Fellow in HEA in January 2015. She has worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years and started teaching in Higher Education from 2012. Her professional skills consist of application of statistical analysis, mathematical modelling, data mining, enterprise management, disaster recovery, business continuity and contingency, network security, digital forensics (including mobile forensics), cyber security, expert witness, security technologies, incident response, intrusion detection and ethical hacking.

    She is an active researcher with many publications in different conferences and journals as well as being a member of different conferences’ program committees.

    Specialist areas of interest

    Digital Forensics
    Mobile Forensics
    Intrusion Detection
    Computer Security
    Computer Hardware
    Incident Handling
    Security Technologies
    Data Mining
    Enterprise Management
    Ethical Hacking
    Business Disaster Recovery
    Business Continuity and Contingency

  • Teaching

    Department of Computing

    Science, Technology and Arts

    Computer Systems and Networks

    BSc/MComp Computer Security with Forensics

    Computer Forensics Investigation and Response (L7)

    Computer Forensics Expert Witness (L6)
    Digital Forensics (L5)

    Network Intrusion Detection (L5)
    Network Services and Administration (L5)

    Computer Systems and Architecture(L4)
    Introduction to Computer and Information Security (L4)

  • Research

    Anomaly detection using data mining, mobile forensics investigations, Cybersecuirty, Enhancing Student learning experience in HE, Computer laws, Pattern matching in Phishing attacks, Cyber Criminal profiling (OSINT).

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    Janarthanan T., Zargari S., "The Evidentiary Value of Link Files in Linux File Systems to Digital Forensics Investigation", International Conference on Computer and Information Technology; IEEE publications, P1984-1988, 2015

    Zargari S. and Smith K., "Policing as a Service in the Cloud (extended)", Information Security Journal: A Global Perspective, V.23, issue 4-6, 2014

    Zargari S.and Smith K., "Policing as a Service in the Cloud", Emerging Intelligent Data and Web Technologies (EIDWT), 2013 Fourth International Conference, 2013.

    Zargari S. and Benford D.," Cloud Forensics: Concepts, Issues, and Challenges", Third International Conference on Emerging Intelligent Data and Web Technologies (EIDWT2012), Bucharest, Romania, 2012.

    Zargari S. and Voorhis D., " Feature Selection in the Corrected KDD-dataset", Third International Conference on Emerging Intelligent Data and Web Technologies (EIDWT2012), Bucharest, Romania, 2012.

    Zargari S. and Benford D., "Cloud Forensics as a New Technology", Eforensics Magazine, 2012, available online <"">

    Afandizadeh (Zargari), Foumeny, “Design of Packed Bed Reactors: Guides to Catalyst Shape, Size, and Loading Selection”, (2001) 21 Applied Thermal Engineering journal, 669-682.

    Afandizadeh (Zargari), Foumeny, Bailey, “Statistical Modelling of Pack Towers of Non-Equilateral Particles”, (Leeds, 1997) The Proceedings of I Chem E Research Event,

    Afandizadeh (Zargari), Foumeny, Bailey, “Packed Bed Heat Exchangers: Aspects of Scale Up ”, (Manchester, 1996) The Proceedings of I Chem E Research Event, 247.

    Afandizadeh (Zargari), Foumeny, Bailey, “Randomly Packed Towers: Statistical Description of the Structure”, (Edinburgh, 1995) 2 The Proceedings of I Chem E Research Event, 793.

    Afandizadeh (Zargari), Foumeny, Bailey, “Structural Aspects of Packed Bed Design Using Statistical Methods”, (Exeter, 1994) The Proceedings of the 9th International Workshop on Statistical Modelling.

  • Other activities

    De Montfort University

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