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Danilo Giglitto

Dr Danilo Giglitto PhD

Research Associate and Associate Lecturer


Danilo Giglitto is a researcher whose work falls in the areas of heritage studies, sociology, and human-computer interaction. He has a growing track record of refereed publications and teaching experience as well as communication, outreach, and engagement activities. His career has developed in Italy, Scotland and England, and he enjoys a growing network of academic collaborators across Europe and overseas. His areas of expertise and interest include, among others, intangible cultural heritage, digital heritage, community engagement, bottom-up approaches, wikis, qualitative research methods, research design, and decolonisation practices.


Dr Danilo Giglitto is a research associate working at the Centre for Culture, Media and Society on the Polyvocal Interpretation of Contested Colonial Heritage (PICCH) project, which explores how archival material created in a colonial mindset can be re-appropriated and re-interpreted to become an effective source for decolonization and the basis for a future inclusive society. 

From 2018 to 2021, he worked on CultureLabs, a European project aimed at developing novel methodologies and digital tools that may facilitate the organisation and wider deployment of participatory projects around cultural heritage, while focusing on the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups, and particularly of migrant communities. Before joining Sheffield Hallam University, he was a Research Associate at Kingston University. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Aberdeen.


Department of Media Arts and Communication

Social Sciences and Arts

I teach in the BA in Media (Media Evolution and the Professional Landscape, Media Technologies) and in the MA in Global Communication and Media (Global Media Developments, Media Representation, World Perspectives).



Dr Danilo Giglitto provides research to the Polyvocal Interpretation of Contested Colonial Heritage (PICCH) project, looking at ways to address the challenge of decolonising the archive through the active participation of communities.


Journal articles

Spinello, A.O., Giglitto, D., & Lockley, E. (2021). Management of open access research infrastructures in large EU projects: The “CultureLabs” case. CNR-IRCrES Working Paper, 9/2021.

Lazem, S., Giglitto, D., Nkwo, M.S., Mthoko, H., Upani, J., & Peters, A. (2021). Challenges and paradoxes in decolonising HCI: A critical discussion. Computer Supported Cooperative Work: the journal of collaborative computing.

Giglitto, D., Ciolfi, L., & Bosswick, W. (2021). Building a bridge: Opportunities and challenges for intangible cultural heritage at the intersection of institutions, civic society, and migrant communities. International Journal of Heritage Studies.

Giglitto, D., Lazem, S., & Preston, A. (2019). A participatory approach for digital documentation of Egyptian Bedouins intangible cultural heritage. Interaction Design and Architecture(s) Journal, (41), 31-49.

Lazem, S., Giglitto, D., & Preston, A. (2018). A tent, a pigeon house, and a pomegranate tree. Interactions, 25 (2), 18-20.

Giglitto, D. (2013). Il giardino Vincenzo Bellini di Catania. Una prospettiva antropologica. Anuac, 2 (2), 104-117.

Conference papers

Kaldeli, E., Tsakou, G., Giglitto, D., Cesaroni, F., Tzouvaras, V., & Stamou, G. (2019). CultureLabs: Cultural heritage and digital technology at the service of social innovation. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2412, 9.

Giglitto, D., Ciolfi, L., Claisse, C., & Lockley, E. (2019). Bridging cultural heritage and communities through digital technologies: Understanding perspectives and challenges. The 9th International Conference on Communities & Technologies - Transforming Communities (C&T 2019), June 3--7, 2019, Vienna, Austria, 81-91.

Giglitto, D., Lazem, S., & Preston, A. (2018). In the eye of the student: "An intangible cultural heritage experience, with a human-computer interaction twist". Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems - Proceedings, 290.

Giglitto, D. (2015). Enhancing community heritage empowerment through wiki software. Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work, CSCW, 2015-January, 85-88.

Giglitto, D. (2014). Using wiki software to enhance community empowerment by building digital archives for intangible cultural heritage. In Ioannides, M., Magnenat-Thalmann, N., Fink, E., Zarnic, R., Yen, A.-.Y., & Quak, E. (Eds.) EuroMed 2014. Digital Heritage: Progress in Cultural Heritage Documentation, Preservation and Protection, Limassol, Cyprus, 3 November 2014 - 8 November 2014 (pp. 268-277). Multi-Science Publishing

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