Julia Myers

Julia Myers BA, PGCE, MEd, HEA Fellow

Principal Lecturer


Staff group lead, learning Teaching and Assessment Departmental Lead for Teacher Education, Primary English tutor, PGCE academic tutor and University Link tutor


After teaching in Primary and Secondary schools in Sheffield, I worked in Teacher Education with Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) in Kenya and then at Leeds Metropolitan University. I joined the Primary and Early Years English team at SHU in 2000 and became English subject leader from 2009 -2011. For several years I have been involved in a variety of LTA (Learning, Teaching and Assessment) projects within the College of Social Sciences and Arts, including the development of feedback on students' academic work. Since 2011 I have been the Teacher Education Departmental Lead for Learning Teaching and Assessment within the Faculty.

Primary English on BA. PGCE and Masters Level routes - in particular the teaching of reading and children's literature, the teaching writing, including grammar and spelling and the changing nature of literacy and its impact on lives of children and the current curriculum. I am keen to encourage enthusiasm for the teaching of English and the value of making this subject relevant, meaningful and engaging for all pupils.


Department of Teacher Education

My earlier research focused on the development of children's writing, on paper and on screen. More recently I became interested in trainee teachers' identity as teachers of Primary English. I have also been involved in research focusing on pedagogy in Higher Education, in particular students' views on assessment and feedback.

My current focus of interest is the role and nature of pedagogy in Initial Teacher Education in Higher Education.


Journal articles

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Book chapters

Burnett, C., Merchant, G., & Myers, J. (2007). English and ICT. In Cremin, T., & Dombey, H. (Eds.) The handbook of primary English initial teacher education. (pp. 81-101). Leicester/Sheffield: United Kingdom Literacy Association/National Association for the Teaching of English


Burnett, C., & Myers, J. (2004). Teaching English 3-11 : the essential guide. Continuum.

Other publications

Burnett, C., Myers, J., & Merchant, G. (n.d.). English and ICT. National Association for the Teaching of English: http://www.ite.org.uk/ite_topics/english_and_ICT/001.html

Other activities

I am a member of the United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA)
I am currently an External Examiner for the Primary and Early Years Education BA at Nottingham Trent University.

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