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Dr Jims Ningshen Marchang

Lecturer (Course Leader of Cybersecurity)


I completed my PhD from the CSCAN Research Laboratory, Plymouth University, UK.

I completed his Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology with distinctions in Computer Science and Engineering, India.

I am the Course Leader of Cybersecurity, Department of Computing. I am a member of IEEE, member of IEEE young professionals, member of IEEE IoT community and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy, UK.


I have teaching experience of 10 years in Networks, Network Socket Programming, Data Communication and Security.

As a researcher, I publish works in leading journals and conferences (IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, HTE etc) in the fields of Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks, Autonomous Vehicles, IoT security, Blockchain and Information Security.

I received the best paper award in 15th International Conference on Advance Computing and Communication, IEEE conferences, 2007. I am a reviewer of ETRI Journal, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, IEEE TVT Journal, Elsevier, Journal of Information Security and Applications, International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) and other leading IEEE conferences.

I am a technical member of various conferences including INC, CIIT, ICACNI etc. I also collaborate with various industries and other universities for research activities and actively take part in reviewing books and have written a book called Optimising Application Performance in Ad Hoc Networks: A Research Perspective, Lambert Academic publishing, Germany and contributed chapters for a book called Penetration Testing: A Manager’s Guide, BCS.

Specialist areas of interest

QoS and Security aspects in Ad Hoc Networks (MANET, VANET, Sensor Networks)
IoT (Smart Cities)
Safety and Security in Autonomous Vehicles
Intrusion Detection Systems
SDN and Bid Data


Department of Computing

Business, Technology and Enterprise

Department of Computing
Science, Technology and Arts




Networking Fundamentals
Secure Networking Technologies
Wireless LAN Technologies
Network Intrusion Detection
Mobile Security
Cloud Technologies


Communication and Computing Research Centre

Research interest

QoS and Security in Ad Hoc Networks (MANET, VANET, Sensor Networks),
IoT security, Blockchain Technology, Safety and Security in Autonomous Vehicle Communication, and Intrusion Detection Systems.


Journal articles

Otebolaku, A., Enamamu, T., Alfoudi, A., Ikpehai, A., Marchang, J., & Lee, G.M. (2020). Deep Sensing: Inertial and Ambient Sensing for Activity Context Recognition Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks. Sensors, 20 (13), 3803.

Enamamu, T., Otebolaku, A., Marchang, J., & Dany, J. (2020). Continuous m-Health Data Authentication Using Wavelet Decomposition for Feature Extraction. Sensors, 20 (19), 5690.

Ingham, M., Marchang, J., & Bhowmik, D. (2020). IoT Security Vulnerabilities and Predictive Signal Jamming Attack Analysis in LoRaWAN. IET Information Security.

Marchang, J., Wang, J., Otebolaku, A., Enamamu, T., Porter, D., & Sanders, B. (2019). Multidimensional: User with File Content and Server’s status based Authentication for Secure File Operations in Cloud. Current Trends in Computer Sciences & Applications (CTCSA), 1 (5), 108-118.

Marchang, J., Douglas, R., Ghita, B., Lancaster, D., & Sanders, B. (2018). Dynamic neighbour aware power-controlled MAC for multi-hop ad hoc networks. Ad hoc Networks, 75-76, 119-134.

Marchang, J., Ghita, B., & Lancaster, D. (2017). Location based transmission using a neighbour aware with optimized EIFS MAC for ad hoc networks. Ad Hoc Networks, 63, 62-78.

Marchang, J., Ghita, B., & Lancaster, D. (2015). Dynamic queue utilization based MAC for multi-hop ad hoc networks. Infocommunications Journal, 7 (3), 25-32.

Conference papers

Marchang, J., Ibbotson, G., & Wheway, P. (2019). Will Blockchain technology become a reality insensor networks? 2019 Wireless Days (WD).

Marchang, J., Beavers, J., & Faulks, M. (2019). Hacking NHS Pacemakers: A Feasibility Study. 12th International Conference on Global Security, Safety & Sustainability.

Marchang, J., Sanders, B., & Joy, D. (2018). Adaptive V2V routing with RSUs and gateway support to enhance network performance in VANET. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), 10866, 298-310.

Sanders, B., & Marchang, J. (2016). A novel taxonomy of opportunities and risks in massively multiplayer online role playing games. In Proceedings of the International ACM conference on management of Digital Ecosystems, (pp. 90-98). ACM Digital Library:

Marchang, J., Ghita, B., & Lancaster, D. (2016). Location based transmission using a neighbour aware-cross layer MAC for ad hoc networks. In Mamatas, L., Matta, I., Papadimitriou, P., & Yevgeni, K. (Eds.) WWIC 2016: Wired/Wireless Internet Communications, (pp. 15-27). Cham: Springer:

Marchang, J., Ghita, B., & Lancaster, D. (2015). Queue utilization with hop based enhanced arbitrary inter frame spacing MAC for saturated ad HOC networks. Proceedings of the 2015 14th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop, MED-HOC-NET 2015, 1-8.

Marchang, J., Ghita, B., & Lancaster, D. (2015). Dynamic Queue Utilization Based MAC for multi-hop Ad Hoc networks. Infocommunications Journal, 3 (3), 25-32.

Marchang, J., Ghita, B., & Lancaster, D. (2014). Hop-Based dynamic fair scheduler for wireless Ad-Hoc networks. 2013 IEEE International Conference on Advanced Networks and Telecommunications Systems, ANTS 2013, 1-6.


Kothari, S., Parmar, H., Das, E., Panda, N., Ahmed, A., & Marchang, J. (2010). Host Based Intrusion Detection System. 2011 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTERS, COMMUNICATIONS, CONTROL AND AUTOMATION (CCCA 2011), VOL III, 336-339.

Marchang, J., Nandi, S., & Sarma, N. (2010). Prioritized quality of service support medium access control for real time flows. 2nd International Conference on Computer and Network Technology, ICCNT 2010, 298-302.

Marchang, J., S, S., Kumar, C., Islam, A., & N, S. (2008). Multi-Path Routing for Real Time Traffic with QoS Support.

Jims, M., Sarma, N., & Nandi, S. (2007). Priority Based Fairness Provisioning QoS-Aware MAC Protocol. 15th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM 2007).

Book chapters

Marchang, J., & Douglas, R. (2019). Selecting tools for penetration testing. In Penetration Testing A Guide for Business and IT Management. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT:

Marchang, J., & Douglas, R. (2019). Scoping a penetration test. In Penetration Testing A Guide for Business and IT Management. BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT

Marchang, J., & Nandi, S. (2011). Need for cross layer in wireless multi hop ad-hoc networks. In Advanced Computing Applications, Databases and Networks. Alpha Science International Limited

Marchang, J., & Sharma, N. (2007). QoS in MAC layer of MANET. In National Conference on Trends in Advanced Computing NCTAC 2007. Narosa publishing house, New Delhi

Marchang, J., & Sarma, N. (2007). National Conference on Trends in Advanced Computing NCTAC 2007. In QoS in MAC layer of MANET. Narosa publishing house, New Delhi, India


Marchang, J. (2017). Optimising Application Performance in Ad Hoc Networks. Germany: Scholars' Press.

Other activities

  • Course Leader of Cybersecurity
  • Organizing Open Days
  • Supervising UG, PG and PhD
  • Writing Research Proposals
  • REF reading Team Member
  • Support the Nuffield Foundation Placement
  • Lead projects under SIP, Teaching Enhancement Grants etc.
  • Invited Talks in Cybersecurity
  • External Examiner
  • Supervising local and International summer research intern
  • Research collaboration with Companies, local Universities and overseas Universities

Postgraduate supervision

Supervise PG and PhD students in the field of IoT security, Blockchain Technology for IoT and Ad Hoc networks, secure DHCP designs for Dynamic Wireless Networks. 

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