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Jose Javier Aguado Orea

Dr Javier Aguado Orea BSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer In Psychology


I began my career as lecturer at an Applied Linguistics Department in Spain (Universidad Nebrija) in 2004, shortly after having finished my PhD.

  • About

    I spent a year as a postdoctoral researcher in Liverpool University, where I contributed to setting up a new research laboratory aimed at testing early linguistic knowledge. After that, I have mainly worked as lecturer in two Spanish universities (Zaragoza and Complutense). During my time at Universidad de Zaragoza I taught modules on cognitive psychology, and then I also taught modules on both Developmental and Educational Psychology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

    I joined Sheffield Hallam University on 2014.

    Senior Lecturer

    I teach developmental psychology modules for first and second year undergraduate students, as well as research methods. I am also supervising postgraduate projects on topics in relation with early grammatical knowledge and language acquisition.

  • Teaching

    Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Social Sciences and Humanities

    I am interested in knowing more about early learning mechanisms associated with apparently complex systems, like the use of verbs by two-year-old children. I have applied two main methods for investigating these types of topics. First, I collected, transcribed and coded a longitudinal dataset of spontaneous child-adult linguistic interactions. I then have run different analyses of data in order to test theoretical predictions on the extent to what children are productive on using particular syntactic constructions. This early (lack of) productivity has been associated with either innately driven rule-based or constructivist models. Second, I have contributed to building and running different experimental setups, like the preferential looking technique, or studies based on grammaticality judgements.

  • Research

    • Psychology Research Group
  • Publications

    AGUADO OREA, J., OTERO, N., and AMBRIDGE, B. (2016). Statistics and semantics in the acquisition of word order: Testing two accounts of the retreat from locative overgeneralization errors. Linguistics Vanguard.

    AGUADO-OREA, Javier, OTERO, Nuria and AMBRIDGE, Ben (2016). Statistics and semantics in the acquisition of Spanish word order: testing two accounts of the retreat from locative overgeneralization errors. Linguistics Vanguard, 2 (1).

    AGUADO OREA, Jose Javier and PINE, Julian M. (2015). Comparing different models of the development of verb inflection in early child Spanish. PLoS ONE, 10 (3), e0119613.

    FREUDENTHAL, D., PINE, J., AGUADO OREA, J. and GOBET, F. (2007). Modelling the developmental patterning of finiteness marking in English, Dutch, German, and Spanish using MOSAIC. Cognitive Science, 31, 311-341.

    AGUADO OREA, J. and PINE, J. M. (2002). There is no evidence for a ‘no overt subject’ stage in early child Spanish: a note on Grinstead (2000). Journal of Child Language, 29, 865-874.

  • Other activities

    I have professional qualifications awarded by the Spanish National Academic Agency (ANECA), since most of my teaching experience has taken place in Spain.

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