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Jereme Snook

Jereme Snook PhD

Senior Lecturer



  • 2009: PhD 'Exploring the Roles, Activities, Dilemmas and Effectiveness of Employee Representatives in Four Contemporary Workplaces, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
  • 2000: Post Graduate Diploma in Open Learning, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 1996: LLM in Law and Employment Relations, University of Leicester, United Kingdom
  • 1987: Post Graduate Certificate in Education, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • 1983: LLB BA Business Law, University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Member of professional body


  • 2018: , British University Industrial Relations Association (BUIRA), United Kingdom
  • 2018: , International Law Society, United Kingdom


  • 2016: , Higher Education Academy (HEA), United Kingdom

Programme or Unit leadership

Course Leader

  • 2012 to 2017: , Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Module Leader

  • 2012 to 2017: , Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 2002 to 2011: , Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
  • 2002 to 2011: , Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
  • 1998 to 2002: , Dearne Valley Business School, United Kingdom

Strategic Project Leader

  • 2002 to 2011: , Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom

Senior Lecturer


Department of Management

Sheffield Business School



Journal articles

McTigue, P., Flint, S.W., & Snook, J. (2018). HIV/AIDS, obesity and stigma: A new era for non-discrimination law? .

Snook, J. (2017). Book Review - The Living Wage' (published 2017) by Donald Hirsch and Luara Valadez-Martinez. Employee Relations: The International Journal.

Snook, J. (2017). The Living Wage. Employee Relations, 39 (6), 915-916.

Snook, J. (2017). Finding a Voice at Work? New Perspectives on Employment Relations (Book Review). Industrial Relations Journal, 48 (2), 192-193.

Snook, J. (2016). Book Review - Statutory Recognition and employment relations - the impact of statutory union recognition”, (published 2013), by Sian Moore and Sarah Veale. Industrial Relations Journal.

Snook, J. (2016). Statutory recognition and employment relations-the impact of statutory union recognition. INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS JOURNAL, 47 (4), 396-+.

Flint, S., & Snook, J. (2015). Disability discrimination and obesity : the big questions? Current Obesity Reports, 4 (4), 504-509.

Snook, J. (2014). Obesity- the next big issue? International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, 14 (3), 183-193.

Flint, S., & Snook, J. (2014). Obesity and discrimination: The next 'big issue'? International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, 14 (3), 183-193.

Tuckman, A., & Snook, J. (2014). Between consultation and collective bargaining? The changing role of non-union employee representatives: a case study from the finance sector. Industrial Relations Journal, 45 (1), 77-97.

Snook, J.C., & Whittall, M. (2013). From 'the best kept company secret' to a more proficient structure of employee representation: The role of EWC delegates with a managerial background. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 34 (2), 355-378.

Harris, L., Tuckman, A., & Snook, J. (2012). Supporting workplace dispute resolution in smaller businesses: policy perspectives and operational realities. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 23 (3), 607-623.

Snook, J. (2009). Book Review - Death of Labour Law? Comparative Perspectives?” by Martin Vranken. Industrial Relations Journal.

Watling, D., & Snook, J. (2003). Works council and trade unions: complementary or competitive? The case of SAGCo. Industrial Relations Journal, 34 (3), 260-270.

Conference papers

Snook, J., Prowse, P., & Prowse, J. (2019). Transfers of Undertakings and the minimum wage - care home workers falling through the safety net? In ILERA European Conference 2019. Perspectives of employment relations in Europe, Düsseldorf, 5 September 2019 - 7 September 2019.

Prowse, P., Prowse, J., & Snook, J. (2018). Charting the rise of in-work poverty: the case of care workers in Yorkshire. In Work, Employment and Society Conference, Belfast, 12 September 2018 - 14 September 2018.

Book chapters

Prowse, J., Prowse, P., & Snook, J. (2021). What about care work and in-work poverty? The case of care workers in the UK. In Dobbins, T., & Prowse, P. (Eds.) The living wage : advancing a global movement. (pp. 65-78). Routledge:


Prowse, P., Prowse, J., & Snook, J. (2019). Evidence to Low Pay Commission 17th March. The Living Wage: A Regional Study Of Care Homes In Yorkshire. Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University.

Internet Publications

Ridley-Duff, R., Snook, J., & Southcombe, C. (n.d.). Model Rules for a FairShares Cooperative (v3.0f). [Google Form / Word Document / PDF].


Prowse, J., Prowse, P., & Snook, J. (2017). The Living wage and the Social care sector - the case of social care homes. Presented at: International Labour Process Conference 2017, Sheffield,UK, 2017

Prowse, P., Prowse, J., & Snook, J. (2017). Austerity and the Living Wage: the Case of Care Workers in England. Presented at: International Labour Process Conference, Sheffield University, Sheffield University, Sheffield, 2017

Prowse, P., & Snook, J. (2016). Austerity and the Living Wage: the Case of Care Homes in Britain. Presented at: The 4th BUIRA PhD Symposium, Leeds, UK, 2016

Snook, J. (2013). The Non-Unionised Workplace Employee Representative - A New Era of UK Workplace Democracy?

Snook, J. (2010). What do non-union employee representatives do? A case studies.

Tietze, S., & Snook, J. (2009). Identity work’ – ‘institutional work’: the identity struggles of non-union employee representatives.

Snook, J. (2009). Employee autonomy or organisational closure? Non-union employee voice in the new economy.

Other publications

Snook, J., & Whittall, M. (2020). The Contest for Workplace Employee Representation: Still Seeking Answers? Economic and Industrial Democracy

Snook, J. (2008). Small firms and workplace disputes resolution - Report Commissioned by ACAS Research and Evaluation Section. ACAS

Other activities

Competitve Research Award

  • 2017: The Fourth Industrial Revolution? A comparative study exploring the new digital economy and its impact upon employment representation and working practices in the UK and Germany, British Academy, United Kingdom
  • 2016: The Social Care Sector in the UK, Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF), United Kingdom

Research funding or grant

  • 2007: Employment Relations in the East Midlands, Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), United Kingdom

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