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Dr Ning Tang BA, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer In Sociology


I have a cross cultural and interdisciplinary academic background. I was a lecturer in English in China before I moved to the UK. After completing a MA study in the University of Leicester and my PhD project on academic work and motherhood in China and the UK in the University of Aberdeen, I started a Postdoctoral Research Fellow job in the University of Hertfordshire working on an EU project 'Household, Work and Flexibility', which was a comparative study of 8 European countries.


My research career continued when I moved to Sheffield Hallam University in 2004 working on research projects of gender and labour markets in English local authorities. Prior to the start of my academic post in sociology, I was a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Education and Inclusion Research and co/directed a number of research projects in the areas of trans-national education and international student mobility commissioned by external funding sources. I have been a researcher as well as a practitioner in internationalisation of higher education since 2006.

Specialist areas of interest

Work, Employment and Globalisation

Families and Kinship: a global perspective

MRes Philosophies of Research

MRes Qualitative Research Methods

PhD supervision in the areas of gender and higher education, and women and work in international contexts

I welcome PhD applications in research areas of international mobility and transnational education, women and work, women in Higher Education, gender, education and employment in an international and/or comparative context.


Social Sciences and Arts



  • Family and Kinship: A Global Perspective (a book proposal to Routledge).
  • Internationalisation of Higher Education (a book proposal to Emerald).

  • 03/2006 The British Council: 'The UK-China-Hong Kong Trans-National Education Research Project'.
  • 04/2006 The British Council: 'Trans-National Education  - UK Higher Education Institutions response to increase global demand'.
  • 10/2007 Faculty of Development & Society. Sheffield Hallam University: 'UK Student International Mobility at Sheffield Hallam University'
  • 10/2008 The UK Council for International Student Affairs: 'Linking outward and inward mobility: how raising the international horizons of UK students enhances the international student experience on the UK Campus'.
  • 11/2009 PM12 Connect: 'International Mobility of UK Student Grant'.
  • 12/2010 PM12 Connect: 'International Student Mobility Grant'.


Journal articles

Tang, N. (2011). Women, men, work and family in Europe. JOURNAL OF GENDER STUDIES, 20 (1), 94-95.

Tang, N. (2011). Book Review: Women, men, work and family in EuropeROSEMARY CROMPTON, SUZAN LEWIS and CLARE LYONETTE, eds, 2007. Journal of Gender Studies, 20 (1), 89-102.

Stiell, B., Tang, N., Bennett, C., & Price, C. (2006). Building Policy/Research Relationships: Using Innovative Methodologies to Engage Ethnic Minority Women. Local Economy, 21 (2), 211-218.

Tang, N. (2005). Book review: Mothers’ Employment and Childcare Use in Britain. By G.PAULL and J. TAYLOR with A. DUNCAN. Economica, 733-734.

Tang, N., & Cousins, C. (2005). Working Time, Gender and Family: An East-West European Comparison. Gender, Work and Organization, 12 (6), 527-550.

Tang, N. (2005). Mothers' employment and childcare use in Britain. ECONOMICA, 72 (288), 733-734.

Cousins, C.R., & Tang, N. (2004). Working time and work and family conflict in the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Work, employment and society, 18 (3), 531-549.

Tang, N. (2002). Interviewer and Interviewee RelationshipsBetween Women. Sociology, 36 (3), 703-721.

Book chapters

Bennett, C., & Tang, N. (2008). Tough at the top: women's career progression, an example in the local government sector. In Yeandle, S. (Ed.) Policy for a Change: Local Labour Market Analysis and Gender Equality. Bristol: Policy Press:


Tang, N., Nollent, A., Barley, R., & Wolstenholme, C. (2009). Linking outward and inward mobility : how raising the international horizons of UK students enhances the international student experience on the UK campus. Sheffield Hallam University.

Tang, N., & Nollent, A. (2007). UK transnational education in China and Hong Kong. British Council.

Other activities

  • I have been a referee for ESRC research grants.
  • I have also been a referee for academic journals such as European Societies; Gender, Work and Organisation; Current Anthropology and Leisure Studies etc.
  • Executive Editor for Journal of China in Comparative Perspective, Comparative Chinese Perspective Network.
  • Member of the selection panel and advisory group for an Equality Challenge Unit project looking at the reasons why minority ethnic academics move overseas to further their careers (2014)
  • Member of the British Sociological Association

Postgraduate supervision

  • Transitional Education in China
  • An Early Years Leader and a Parent - the Career Ambitions and Experiences of Those 'Living a Double Life'

I welcome PhD applications in research areas of international mobility, transnational education, women and work, women in Higer Education, gender, education and employment in an International and/or comparative context.

  • Saudi female University students' perspectives and expectations for future employment.
  • Sociological Exploration of Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan.
  • Perspectives on curriculum and pedagogy in a private kindergarten in China.

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