Priyanka Kakade

Dr. Priyanka Desai Kakade PhD, MSc, BTech



I joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2023 and am currently a Lecturer in Electronics and Communication Engineering and Course leader for MSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. My main research expertise is in numerical modelling of optical systems. I teach across various levels of BEng programme as well as the MSc programme with the particular focus on analogue & digital electronics and communication engineering.


I received my B.Tech. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the SNDT University, Mumbai, India, in 2007. I received my M.Sc. in Photonic Communications and PhD in Optical Communications from the University of Nottingham, UK in 2008 and 2013 respectively. Prior to joining Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer, I worked in the higher education Institutes in India (Manipal Academy of Higher Education as an Associate Professor and Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani as an Assistant Professor).


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Subject area

Electrical, Electronic and Future Technologies

Modules taught 

Communication Engineering, Level 7 (Module leader)

Further Analogue and Digital for Apprentice, Level 6 (Module leader)

Analogue and Digital for Apprentice, Level 4


Current research projects

Her research interests include optical amplification and regeneration, free space optical (FSO) communication and optical fibre communication (OFC). She has extensive experience in mathematical modelling using MATLAB and Mathcad. In her core research area of optical communication, she has been involved in projects focused on 1) the use of burst mode optical regenerators for long-haul OFC , 2) the numerical modelling and simulation design for dual-stage EDFA for use in long-haul OFC, 3) the use of burst mode optical regenerators for mitigating the impact of atmospheric turbulence on the FSO communication system performance. Priyanka has also recently lent her expertise to the aeronautical engineering domain through the following two projects that were centered on 1) the design of a mechanically robust optical data backup system using a copper data pipe and 2) analyzing the engineering feasibility of a Direct Fusion Drive.


Journal articles

Jain, Y., & Kakade, P. (2023). Analyzing the engineering feasibility of the direct fusion drive. Acta Astronautica, 206, 57-71.

Mishra, A.R., Kakade, R.N., & Kakade, P. (2022). Dual-stage EDFA for improving the performance of long-haul optical systems. IEEE Access, 10, 13496-13514.

Bandele, O.J., Desai, P., Woolfson, M.S., & Phillips, A.J. (2016). Saturation in cascaded optical amplifier free‐space optical communication systems. IET Optoelectronics, 10 (3), 71-79.

Desai, P.N., Phillips, A.J., & Sujecki, S. (2012). Modeling of Burst Mode 2R Optical Regenerator Cascades for Long-Haul Optical Networks. Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 4 (4), 304.

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