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Dr Bob Jeffery BA, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Sociology


I have  taught at Sheffield Hallam University since November 2011. Prior to this I had four years teaching experience at the University of Salford, as well as ad hoc teaching roles at other institutions such as the University of Liverpool.


My research interests centre upon questions of social inequality, particularly in terms of social class, and the ways in which these are played out within cities. I have further interests in policing, work and employment, local politics and policy, and research methods (qualitative and quantitative).

Related to these themes I have carried out a series of research projects that feed into an overarching study of post-industrial change in the City of Salford. This has led to publications on transport inequalities and the existence of 'food deserts', policing and the Salford Riot of August 2011, gentrification and its impacts on belonging, and the impact of punitive welfare reform on working class people. Forthcoming publications will examine contemporary class identities in the city and continue the work on transport inequalities. 

In addition to this main body of work, I have also undertaken published research into public order policing in Greater Manchester, changing alcohol cultures and the regulation of the night-time economy, voter behaviour studies, and precarious employment.

Senior Lecturer

My areas of interest include:

  • Social Class;
  • Urban Studies;
  • Housing;
  • Transport;
  • Poverty and Social Exclusion;
  • Work and Employment;
  • Welfare Reform;
  • Social Movements;
  • Riots;
  • Policing;
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods;
  • Mixed Methods Research;
  • Bourdieusian Sociology.


Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

Social Sciences and Arts


  • Course Leader - MRes Social Science;
  • Course Leader - White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership;
  • PGCert Advanced Social Research.

  • Deviance, Order and Protest - Level 4;
  • Applied Research Methods - Level 5;
  • Advanced research Methods - Level 6;
  • Politics of the City - Level 6;
  • Survey Method 1 - Level 7
  • Survey Method 2 - Level 7.


Local Political Dynamics in Salford, 1950 to the present Day; From Post War Economic Boom to Post Industrial City.


Jeffery, B. (2017). Column: Decent housing for everyone in society should be entitlement of all. Sheffield Telegraph.

Rodriguez-Amat, J., & Jeffery, R. (2017). Student protests. Three periods of university governance. tripleC. Communication, Capitalism and Critique, 15 (2), 526-542.

Jeffery, B. (2016). Poverty-stricken Sheffield pensioners forced into life of crime. The Star.

Jeffery, B., Tufail, W., & Jackson, W. (2015). Policing and the Reproduction of Local Social Order : a case study of Greater Manchester. Journal on European History of Law, 6 (1), 118-128.

Jeffery, B., & Tufail, W. (2015). 'The riots were where the police were': Deconstructing the Pendelton Riot. Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest, 2 (2), 37-56.

Jeffery, B., Ibrahim, J., & Waddington, D. (2015). Politics, consumption or nihilism: protest and disorder after the global crash. Contention: The Multidisciplinary Journal of Social Protest, 2 (2), 1-4.

Jeffery, B., Ibrahim, J., & Waddington, D. (2014). Politics, Consumption, or Nihilism. Contention, 2 (2), 1-4.

Jeffery, B., & Tufail, W. (2014). "The Riots Were Where the Police Were. Contention, 2 (2).

Tonge, J., Mycock, A., & Jeffery, R. (2012). Does citizenship education make young people better-engaged citizens? Political Studies, 60 (3), 578-602.

Jeffery, B., & Jackson, W. (2012). The Pendleton Riot: A political sociology: Bob Jeffery and Will Jackson examine the background to the unrest in Salford. Criminal Justice Matters, 87 (1), 18-20.

Tonge, J., Evans, J., Jeffery, R., & McAuley, J.W. (2010). New order: political change and the Protestant Orange tradition in Northern Ireland. The British Journal of Politics & International Relations, 13 (3), 400-419.

Book chapters

Jeffery, R., & Tufail, W. (2014). Police deviance. In Atkinson, R. (Ed.) Shades of deviance : a primer on crime, deviance and social harm. (pp. 147-150). Abingdon: Routledge:

Jeffery, R. (2010). Intoxication, Transgression and Regeneration: The case of binge drinking in Britain as seen along a historical continuum. In Taylor, K.J. (Ed.) Regeneration and Reinvention: Practices of the ‘New’. University of Salford: European Studies Research Institute

Jeffery, R. (2008). Mobile forms of communication and the transformation of relations between the public and private spheres. In Ross, K., & Price, S. (Eds.) Popular Media and Communication: Essays on Publics, Practices and Processes. (pp. 5-23). Cambridge Scholars Publishing:


Jackson, W., Jeffery, B., Marino, M., & Sykes, T. (Eds.). (2012). Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety An Interdisciplinary Examination of Contemporary and Historical Human Challenges. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.


Thomas, P., Etherington, D., Jeffery, R., Beresford, R., Beel, D., & Jones, M. (2020). Tackling Labour Market Injustice and Organising Workers: The View from a Northern Heartland. Sheffield TUC.

Etherington, D., Jeffery, R., Thomas, P., Brooks, J., Beel, D., & Jones, M. (2018). Forging an inclusive labour market - empowering workers and communities : an interim report on low pay and precarious work in Sheffield. Sheffield: Sheffield Trades Union Council.

Other publications

Jeffery, B. (2018). Gentrification and the Return of Class. Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies:

Postgraduate supervision

Craig Sanderson - Modified Cars; the perfect escape or complete illusion? A subcultural analysis on the Modified Car Culture in Britain.

Mitch Blood - Strong Message Here? Corbyn, Mass Media and Alternative Networks of Radical Communication.

Joe McMullan - A working - Class Backlash? An Exploration of how Class, Place, Culture and Identity shape Socio-Political Rupture.


My key interests encompass a wide range of issues related to Social Inequalities. I have contributed to the local, regional and national media on issues such as the Changing Nature of Social Class, Housing, Impacts of Poverty, the 2011 English Riots, Policing Reform and Transport Inequalities.

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