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Bob Jeffery

Dr Bob Jeffery BA, MA, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Sociology


I have  taught at Sheffield Hallam University since November 2011. Prior to this I had four years teaching experience at the University of Salford, as well as ad hoc teaching roles at other institutions such as the University of Liverpool.

  • About

    My research interests centre upon questions of social inequality, particularly in terms of social class, and the ways in which these are played out within cities. I have further interests in policing, work and employment, local politics and policy, and research methods (qualitative and quantitative).

    Related to these themes I have carried out a series of research projects that feed into an overarching study of post-industrial change in the City of Salford. This has led to publications on transport inequalities and the existence of 'food deserts', policing and the Salford Riot of August 2011, gentrification and its impacts on belonging, and the impact of punitive welfare reform on working class people. Forthcoming publications will examine contemporary class identities in the city and continue the work on transport inequalities. 

    In addition to this main body of work, I have also undertaken published research into public order policing in Greater Manchester, changing alcohol cultures and the regulation of the night-time economy, voter behaviour studies, and precarious employment.

    Senior Lecturer

    My areas of interest include:

    • Social Class;
    • Urban Studies;
    • Housing;
    • Transport;
    • Poverty and Social Exclusion;
    • Work and Employment;
    • Welfare Reform;
    • Social Movements;
    • Riots;
    • Policing;
    • Quantitative and Qualitative Methods;
    • Mixed Methods Research;
    • Bourdieusian Sociology.
  • Teaching

    Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Social Sciences and Humanities


    • Course Leader - MRes Social Science;
    • Course Leader - White Rose Doctoral Training Partnership;
    • PGCert Advanced Social Research.

    • Deviance, Order and Protest - Level 4;
    • Applied Research Methods - Level 5;
    • Advanced research Methods - Level 6;
    • Politics of the City - Level 6;
    • Survey Method 1 - Level 7
    • Survey Method 2 - Level 7.

  • Research

    • Communication and Computing Research Centre
    • Sheffield Institute for Policy Studies, Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute

    Local Political Dynamics in Salford, 1950 to the present Day; From Post War Economic Boom to Post Industrial City.

  • Publications

    A list of publications is available from the institutional repository, SHURA

    JEFFERY, Bob, JACKSON, William (2012) 'Youth Riots: Policing Disorder in the Regenerating City - Understanding the Pendleton Riot', Dialogue Society, 15th June.

    JEFFERY, Bob, JACKSON, William (2012) ‘The Pendleton Riot: A Political Sociology’, Criminal Justice Matters, vol. 87, no. 1 pp. 18-20.

    JEFFERY, Bob, JACKSON, William (2012) ‘Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety: Re-appropriating the Concept of Crisis as Tool for Critique’ in Jackson, W. Jeffery, B. Marino, M, and Sykes, M. (eds) Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Contemporary Human Challenges, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    JEFFERY, Bob, JACKSON, William, MARINO, Mattia, and SYKES, Tom (eds) (2012) Crisis, Rupture and Anxiety: An Interdisciplinary Examination of Contemporary Human Challenges, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2010) ‘Mobility, Space, and Deserts: urban areas in need of precipitation’, SPARC 2009: Proceedings of the Salford Postgraduate Annual Research Conference, University of Salford (ISBN: 978-1-905732-88-3).

    COULTON, Jerry, DENNIS, Alex JACKSON, Will, JEFFERY, Bob, PATEL, Tina, SMITH, Gregory (2010) Offender Perceptions of Criminal Opportunities (Theft from a Motor Vehicle) in an Inner-City Neighbourhood, Report to Salford CDRP and Greater Manchester Police.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2010) ‘Intoxication, Transgression and Regeneration: The case of binge drinking in Britain as seen along a historical continuum’, Taylor, K. Regeneration and Reinvention: Practices of the ‘New’, University of Salford: ESRI Working Paper.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2008) ‘Mobile Communications and the Public/Private Dichotomy’ (pp. 5-23), Ross, K. and Price, S. (eds) Popular Media and Communication: Essays on Publics, Practices and Processes, Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

    Recent conference participation

    JEFFERY, B. (2016) "'I 'm part of that fighting class really': From Dis-identification to Classificatory Struggles, the Significance of Class in the New Gilded Age". Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics Research Conference, Sheffield Hallam University, 13th December 2016.

    JEFFERY, B. (2015) "The Riots were where the Police were Deconstructing the Pendleton Riot". British Sociological Association Annual Conference, Glasgow Caledonian University, 15th - 17th April 2015.

    JEFFERY, B. (2014) " On the Consequences of Neoliberal Urbanisation: Gentrification, Securitisation and Resistance". Critical Perspectives on Youth, Community and Urban Regeneration Seminars, University of Limerick, 26th March 2014.

    Clarkson, H. and JEFFERY, B. (2014) '"For the People that have nothing ". Geographies of Resistance in the 2011 English Riots' Geographies of Neoliberalism and Resistance: The State, Violence and Labour'. Jesus College, University of Oxford.

    JEFFERY, B. and Tufail, W. (2013) 'From "The Preccy" to Paris?: Gentrification, Social 'Mix' and Urban Riots, Mosaiques - LAVUE - Universite Paris Ouest, Hotel De Ville, Paris.

    JEFFERY, B. (2013) 'The Absent Community: Conservative Interventionism and Simulated Engagement in a Splintering City', paper presented at Language, Ideology and Power Research Group, Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, 12th June 2013.

    JEFFERY, B. (2013) 'Researching the 2011 English Riots: What do we think we know?', lecture delivered to the Department of Sociology and Criminology, Manchester Metropolitan University, 5th March 2013.

    JEFFERY, B. (2013) "'They don't mix or anything2: Gentrification and hysteresis in a Splintering City', paper presented at Media and Cultural Studies at Nottingham Trent University: 21 years - the past, the present, the future, Centre for the Study of Inequality, Culture and Difference, Nottingham Trent University, 8th February.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2012) 'A History of Oppositional Salford: From Dirty Old Town to Splintering Post-Industrial City', keynote address at the Oppositions Conference, Radical Studies Network and College of Arts and Social Science, University of Salford, 28th 0 29th September 2012.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2012) Invited participant at the debate 'Riots, Pure and Simple', chaired by Prof. Tim Hope, Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, London, 20th April.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2012) '"They're all f***ing top houses, but try and get me one": Gentrification, hysteresis, urban inequality and belonging', paper presented at Symbolic Power and Urban Inequality: Taking Bourdieu to Town, York European centre for Cultural Exploration (YECCE) and Centre for Urban Research (CURB), University of York, 31st May-1st June.

    JEFFERY, Bob, JACKSON, William (2011) ‘The Pendleton Riot: A Political Sociology’, paper presented at Urban Unrest, Social Resentment and Justice, Centre for Urban Research (CURB), University of York, 22nd -23rd September.

    JEFFERY, Bob, JACKSON, William, COULTON, Jerry (2011) ‘”Why can’t they leave us alone?”: Residualised communities contesting neoliberal regeneration’, paper presented at CRESC Conference 2011: Framing the City, Economic and Social Research Council Centre for Research on Socio-Cultural Change (CRESC), University of Manchester, Manchester, 6th-9th September.

    JEFFERY, Bob (2011) ‘Widening Participation or Further Entrenching the Meritocracy?: The Politics of Higher Education Access at an Institutional Level’, paper presented at The Crisis of the University and the Educational Significance of the Fees: Reducing the ‘Deficit’ or Fashioning Subservient Human Beings at the University of Salford, Salford, 27th May.

  • Postgraduate supervision

    Craig Sanderson - Modified Cars; the perfect escape or complete illusion? A subcultural analysis on the Modified Car Culture in Britain.

    Mitch Blood - Strong Message Here? Corbyn, Mass Media and Alternative Networks of Radical Communication.

    Joe McMullan - A working - Class Backlash? An Exploration of how Class, Place, Culture and Identity shape Socio-Political Rupture.

  • Media

    My key interests encompass a wide range of issues related to Social Inequalities. I have contributed to the local, regional and national media on issues such as the Changing Nature of Social Class, Housing, Impacts of Poverty, the 2011 English Riots, Policing Reform and Transport Inequalities.

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