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Dr Marilena Kyriakidou

Dr Marilena Kyriakidou

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology


My research interests cover a number of areas surrounding investigative interviews of children with a particular aim to help front line investigators in their roles.

  • About

    I was awarded a BSc in Psychology from the University of Cyprus, an MSc in Psychological Research Methods from Lancaster University and a PhD in Developmental Forensic Psychology from the University of Sheffield.

    As a Registered Forensic Psychologist in Cyprus and a member of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group, I am interested in how do research-based recommendations can form policies, how these recommendations are implemented by the police and importantly, how we, as researchers can help practitioners in their roles.

    I was fortunate to collaborate and provide consultancy to different police forces from different countries as well as nongovernmental organisations. I have acted and still contribute as a police trainer, intelligence analyst and as an ethic reviewer within academia.

    My research interests beyond investigative interviews include human-robot interactions in forensic settings, violent video games and domestic violence.

  • Teaching

    Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

    Social Sciences and Arts

    Module Leader of Forensic Psychology: The Dark Side (MSc)
    Teaching on modules related with forensic psychology, developmental psychology and research methods in psychology
    Supervising students on their bachelor and master studies as well as on their postdoctoral research.

    Forensic Psychology

    • Living with Justice (BSc (Hons) Criminology & Psychology);
    • Psychology for Criminologists (BSc (Hons) Criminology & Psychology);
    • Psychological research and Design (BSc (Hons) Psychology);
    • Research Issues in Applied Developmental Psychology (MSc Developmental Psychology);
    • Witnesses and Victims: Forensic Psychology in Practice (BSc (Hons) Criminology & Psychology).

  • Research

    I am a member of the Forensic and Investigative Research (FaIR) group which is within the Centre for Behavioural Science and Applied Psychology in the Department of Psychology, Sociology & Politics.

    • My self and colleagues are working on a spectrum of interesting projects including:
    • Police interviews with children victims or witnesses of alleged crimes
    • Human-robot interaction (in forensic settings)
    • Violent video games
    • Decision making in court
    • Domestic violence 

    One of our projects is entitled: Interpreting Children’s Voices


    The Interpreting Children’s Voices project, has been funded by the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG).

    Following the recent increase of foreign language interpretation services in investigative interviews; the present project aspires to understand the strengths and challenges of these services with particular attention to any training needs. Our initial aim is to develop an education video to support interviewers and interpreters in the various difficulties they encounter. Police forces and forensic interpreters’ services from three countries (Cyprus, England, Netherlands) have contributed in developing the video.

    You can watch our educational video here

    As a matter of great importance, we will follow up the relative contributions of this video. Future studies will ask practitioners their feedback on the video via a survey. We are also hoping to evaluate the impact of the video on the quality of investigative interviews. Please do get in touch if yourself or your organisation may be interested in participating in these studies. In return we will provide access to our guidelines, updated video and offer training.

  • Publications

    Journal articles

    Kyriakidou, M., Blades, M., Cherryman, J., Christophorou, S., & Kamperis, A. (2020). The impact of interviewer working hours on police interviews with children. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology.

    Kyriakidou, M., Blades, M., Cherryman, J., Christophorou, S., & Kamberis, A. (2020). The impact of investing in the good interviewers policy of practice (IGIpop) on police interviews with children. Police Practice and Research: an international journal.

    Kyriakidou, M., Dekens, K., Coleman, C., Drabble, J., Adlard, J., & Ramdehal, A. (2019). Initial report: Forensic interviewers' and interpreters' attitudes regarding their collaboration during investigative interviews of children. Report Sheffield Hallam University.

    Kyriakidou, M., Zalaf, A., Christophorou, S., Ruiz-Garcia, A., & Valanides, C. (2019). Longitudinal fluctuations of national help-seeking reports for domestic violence before, during, and after the financial crisis in Cyprus. Journal of interpersonal violence.

    Kyriakidou, M., Blades, M., & Carroll, D. (2014). Inconsistent findings for the eyes closed effect in children: the implications for interviewing child witnesses. Frontiers in Psychology, 5 (448).

    Conference papers

    Kyriakidou, M., Dekens, K., Coleman, C., Drabble, J., Ramdehal, J., & Tsaeras, A. (2019). Misinterpreted testimonies: An educational video for interviewers’ and interpreters’ collaboration when interviewing children. (abstract only). In International Investigative Interviewing Research Group, Norwegian Police University, 26 June 2019 - 28 June 2019.

  • Other activities


    Interpreters in forensic interviews of children 09.11.2018
    Source: International investigative Research Group
    Holders: Dr. Marilena Kyriakidou and Drs. Karina Dekens from the Netherlands Police Academy

    Crossing the Boundaries: Domestic Violence in Norway and Cyprus 10.02.2014
    Source: Norway grants
    Holder(s): Dr. Marilena Kyriakidou and the Association for the Prevention and Handling of Violence in the Family in Cyprus

    Developing Robot Crime Interviewers for Children 28.02.2013
    Source: University Research Fund, Divisional Directors code 311364 Digital World Funds Award: uBase cost centre Holder(s): Prof. Tony Prescott and Dr. Marilena Kyriakidou

    Honoured by the Chief of the Police in Cyprus 2013
    For the research consultation offered on police interviews with children

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