Birintha Ketheswaran

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Brintha is a dedicated academic and doctoral researcher who specialises in international business management, specifically in the areas of strategic management, international entrepreneurship, and Principles of International Business Management.
Her proficiency encompasses the ability to navigate the intricate international obstacles that are intrinsic to the contemporary business environment. Brintha actively participates in a variety of projects aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding in her sector.
In addition to her teaching duties, Brintha is an academic advisor and supervisor for master's level students at Sheffield Hallam University. She provides guidance throughout their dissertation and consultancy projects, in addition to her teaching obligations.
In addition to her scholarly responsibilities, Brintha's research pursuits encompass significant domains including female entrepreneurship and war-torn communities. Her analysis delves into the intersection of sociopolitical dynamics and economic empowerment, thereby contributing a distinctive viewpoint. Her expertise also includes the study of institutions and institutional voids in emerging countries, which sheds light on the difficulties and opportunities that exist in these dynamic situations. She aims to promote comprehension, encourage creativity, and facilitate beneficial transformation in both academic and real-world settings through her diverse work.

Associate Lecturer


Department of Finance, Accounting and Business Systems

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

International Business Management

Masters in International Business

International Entrepreneurship
Strategic Management
Global Challenges in International Business
Research Methods in International Business
Principles of International Management
Research Methods (Marketing)

Other activities

Masters Dissertation Supervision
Consultancy Project Supervision
Academic Advising

Postgraduate supervision

Masters in International Management

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