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Thomas McBain

Thomas McBain



I completed my undergraduate and postgraduate Sports Science degrees at Teesside University. I was then involved in a Research Councils UK funded project investigating the effects of a newly developed, low-volume, high-intensity exergame on health outcomes in men. This body of work then became my subject area for my thesis which I aim to complete in 2016.

I have specific interests in the use of novel motion capture technology to enhance the exercise experience using biomechanical approaches to quantify training loads. I also have an interest in using innovative approaches to engage with men in order to improve health outcomes.


Macpherson, T., Taylor, J., Mcbain, T., Weston, M., & Spears, I.R. (2016). Real-time measurement of pelvis and trunk kinematics during treadmill locomotion using a low-cost depth-sensing camera: A concurrent validity study. Journal of Biomechanics, 49 (3), 474-478.

Mcbain, T., Lagadec, P., Spears, I.R., Crawshaw, P., Azevedo, L.B., & Haighton, C.A. (2014). Feasibility of a purpose-built active video game as a health intervention for sedentary males in a socially deprived area of the UK : an exploratory trial. The European Journal of Public Health, 24 (S2), 161-122.

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