Victoria Mellon

Victoria Mellon


My time at Sheffield Hallam is quite extensive so far. I completed my degree and masters here and as well as teaching, I am studying for a PhD which focuses on sustainable tourism and partnership working in English national parks. This has led me to publish a paper in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism about a tourism partnership in the Peak District and expand my research to other national parks

Working in the tourism industry for large tour operators and hotels in the UK and USA has fuelled my enthusiasm for researching and teaching tourism, and I enjoy working on subjects such as sustainable tourism, tourist behaviour and operations and project management.

I have also previously worked as an events organiser and personal research assistant for a research project at another university, both of which have given me a great experience in the hospitality sector and in academia.

I really enjoy teaching and researching tourism and each year look forward to meeting new students!

Research and teaching interests

- sustainable tourism

- uk national parks and tourism

- tourism partnership working

- tourist behaviour

- operations and project management



  • 2007: MSc Sustainable Tourism, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 2004: BA Tourism Management, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom
  • 2007 to date: Sustainable Tourism and Partnership working in English National Parks, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom


Department of Service Sector Management

Sheffield Business School



Key Publications

Mellon, V., & Bramwell, B. (2018). The temporal evolution of tourism institutions. Annals of Tourism Research, 69, 42-52.

Mellon, V., & Bramwell, B. (2016). Protected area policies and sustainable tourism: influences, relationships and co-evolution. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 24 (10), 1369-1386.

Journal articles

Frost, J., Mellon, V., Stalmirska, A., & Frost, W. (2024). Employing ‘someone to be your voice’ in an artisanal gastronomic tourism business: Authenticity, cultural capital and human resources. Gastronomy and Tourism.

Pomfret, G., Mellon, V., & Schofield, P. (2023). Developing a typology of older visitors to heritage attractions. Leisure/Loisir.

Niewiadomski, P., & Mellon, V. (2023). Transitioning towards sustainable tourism in the Outer Hebrides: an evolutionary investigation. Tourism Geographies.

Stalmirska, A.M., & Mellon, V. (2022). “It feels like a job …” Understanding commuter students: Motivations, engagement, and learning experiences. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, 30.

Bramwell, B., & Cox, V. (2009). Stage and path dependence approaches to the evolution of a national park tourism partnership. Journal of sustainable tourism, 17 (2), 191-206.

Conference papers

Mellon, V. (2018). Co-evolution, sustainable tourism and protected areas. WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment, 227 (227), 73-81.

Theses / Dissertations

Mellon, V. (n.d.). Governance and sustainability: partnership evolution and sustainable tourism in UK National Parks. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Palmer, N.


Mellon, V., & Gray, J. (2023). Revolutionizing the pedagogy and culture. Presented at: Staff and Educational Development Association Autumn Conference, Leeds

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