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Dr Neil Southern BA, PhD, PGCE

Senior Lecturer


I have worked at Sheffield Hallam University since November 2010. During 2011-2012 I was Level 5 Tutor for Politics


Currently I am Course Leader for BA Applied Social Science (Hong Kong). I have previously worked at the University of Central Lancashire where, at the latter stage of my employment at this institution, I became acting Subject Leader for Ethnicity and Human Rights. I have also been employed as a researcher at the School of Law, The Queen's University of Belfast as well as a Research Associate at the University of Ulster.

Specialist areas of interest

My teaching mainly revolves around courses on ethnic conflict, terrorism and counter-terrorism. I consider research-informed teaching to be the cornerstone of effective and dynamic teaching and am pleased that there is a close correspondence between my research/published work and the modules I deliver.


Department of Psychology, Sociology and Politics

Social Sciences and Arts

Currently, I am working towards writing a book which explores the role of policing in counter-terrorism and follows an extensive period of fieldwork in Northern Ireland in 2011. Additionally, I am working on a number of research areas which relate to the theme of ethnic conflict. I have articles either 'forthcoming' or presently under peer review. I have published articles in leading academic journals.


Journal articles

Southern, N. (2020). The pitfalls of power sharing in a new democracy: The case of the National Party in South Africa. Journal of Modern African Studies, 58 (2), 281-299.

Southern, N. (2018). Post-agreement electoral decline: the Ulster Unionist Party and the problem of decommissioning. Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 24 (4), 456-477.

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Southern, N. (2015). The Government of National Unity and the demise of the National Party in post-settlement South Africa. Politikon: South African Journal of Political Studies, 42 (2), 235-254.

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Southern, N. (2011). Political opposition and the challenges of a dominant party system: the democratic alliance in South Africa. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 29 (3), 281-298.

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Southern, N. (2008). Territoriality, alienation, and loyalist decommissioning: the case of the Shankill in Protestant West Belfast. Terrorism and Political Violence, 20 (1), 66-86.

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Southern, N. (2005). Ian paisley and evangelical democratic unionists: An analysis of the role of evangelical protestantism within the democratic unionist party. Irish Political Studies, 20 (2), 127-145.

Southern, N. (2004). God’s people and fundamentalist ideology in the classroom: An examination of free presbyterian schooling in northern ireland. Religion and Education, 31 (1), 46-58.

Book chapters

Southern, N. (2011). Loyalism: Political violence and decommissioning. In Ulster Loyalism after the Good Friday Agreement: History, Identity and Change. (pp. 199-213).

Southern, N. (2008). The Royal Ulster Constabulary and the terrorist threat. In Combating Terrorism in Northern Ireland. (pp. 177-197).


Southern, N. (2018). Policing and combating terrorism in Northern Ireland: The Royal Ulster Constabulary GC.

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