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Dr Shingairai Masango

Yorkshire Accelerator Lead


Dr Shinga Masango is a senior lecturer in International Business at Sheffield Hallam University and the Yorkshire (Y) Accelerator Lead. She has been actively involved in the Y Accelerator since its inception in August 2015. Personal efforts in promoting the engagement between SHU and the Y Accelerator have resulted in the receipt of the Impact Fellowship Award from the university. This award recognises the establishment and formalisation of the partnership between SHU and the Y Accelerator.

Dr Masango's research interests reside within the field of International Entrepreneurship with a particular focus on high technology entrepreneurial firms. Her research interests focus on the internationalisation of young high technology firms, specifically: International Entrepreneurial Opportunity Development (IEOpD); the role of prior individual level experiences; interpersonal and organisational network tie formation and entrepreneurial learning. Dr Masango leads on the undergraduate and postgraduate International Entrepreneurship modules and the first year Foundations of International Business Module.  

Funded Projects:

Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Impact Fellowship Scheme - Awarded £4000.

The Fellowship aims to enhance Sheffield Hallam University’s corporate engagement within the Sheffield City Region by exploring the role of stakeholders in the initiation, development and termination of accelerator programmes supporting entrepreneurs.

As Sheffield Hallam's Yorkshire Accelerator lead I am responsible for developing the relationship between Sheffield Hallam and the Yorkshire Accelerator partners. To date a breakfast event opened by the Vice Chancellor Professor Chris Husbands has been held and a cross faculty accelerator taster workshop has been delivered to 20 academic staff. 

Pedagogy Innovation fund  - Awarded £2500

Exploring the use of crowdfund platforms for idea generation in undergraduate entrepreneurship modules.  




  • 2010: PhD Early rapid internationalisation of South African high technology firms: A resource based view , University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 2004: MBA International Business, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
  • 1999: BSc Chemical Engineering, Other, United Kingdom

Yorkshire Accelerator Lead

Industry Links

  • Board member


Department of Management

Sheffield Business School

International Business


Journal articles

Masango, S., & Lassalle, P. (2020). What entrepreneurs do?Entrepreneurial action guided by entrepreneurialopportunities and entrepreneurial learning in earlyinternationalising firms. International Marketing Review.

Masango, S., & Marinova, S. (2014). Knowledge-based network ties in early rapidly internationalising small firms: a missing link? International Entrepreneurship and Management Journal, 10 (3), 471-486.

Book chapters

(2014). Successes and Challenges of Emerging Economy Multinationals. Palgrave Macmillan UK:

(2012). Impacts of Emerging Economies and Firms on International Business. Palgrave Macmillan UK:


Masango, S., & Lassalle, P. (2016). What do entrepreneurs do? Entrepreneurial Opportunities and entrepreneurial learning, the DNA for entrepreneurial action (Awarded best paper in the business creation, early stage development and business closure track).

Masango, S. (2015). An entrepreneurial approach to capability development: The case of early and rapidly internationalising small firms.

Masango, S., & Marinova, S. (2013). Resource fungibility: Oiling the wheels of ERISF internationalisation.

Masango, S., & Marinova, S. (2012). Early Rapidly Internationalising Small Firms: A Case for continuous international entrepreneurial opportunity development.

Other activities

Competitve Research Award

  • 2016: Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) Impact Fellowship Scheme - Awarded £4000, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

Research funding or grant

  • 2017: Pedagogy Innovation fund - Awarded £2500, Sheffield Hallam University, United Kingdom

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