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Peter Nelson

Peter Nelson MA, BA, PGCLT, CQSW, FHEA, Practice Teaching Award, GNVQ Assessor Award

Principal Lecturer


Peter Nelson is Principal Lecturer and Resource Manager in the Department of Social Work Social Care and Community Studies and Research Coordinator for Social Work in the Centre for Health and Social Care Research. He was appointed in 2000. He graduated from Hull University (Philosophy) and obtained an MA (Applied Social Studies) and social work qualification (CQSW) from Sheffield University. He obtained a teaching qualification (CLTHE) from Sheffield Hallam University and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Peter has eighteen years' experience in social care, working in a range of posts in the areas of mental health, residential child care, generic fieldwork, community social work and particularly child protection. He is an experienced and qualified practice teacher.

Peter currently has management responsibility for staffing and resources across all courses in the Department. His teaching focuses on social work values and ethics, children and families, research methods and practice education, where he contributes at undergraduate, postgraduate and post qualifying levels. He has a longstanding interest in practice learning including international perspectives and partnership development. International work includes European funded projects and guest lecturing in Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Georgia, and Ukraine.

Peter is an active researcher in the areas of children and families and social work education. Recent projects include fuel poverty and the decision making of families with children suffering from asthma; professional resilience amongst social workers, teachers and radiographers and the alcohol use of young people not in education employment and training.

He contributes to a number of national and local committees including acting as a trustee for the Quality Care Partnership. He is an experienced external examiner with current posts at the Open University and the University of East Anglia. He is on the editorial board and is book editor for the journal Social Policy and Social Work in Transition. Peter is a reviewer for the ESCR and numerous journals including BJSW, Journal of Social Work, Social Work Education, Practice and the Journal of Youth Studies as well as a range of publishers.


Child Protection and Childhood Obesity

Warm Well Families: the role of social marketing in making research findings accessible

2009 -2012 Academic Director of ACES (Advancing the three cycle system in social work education in six countries). A 1.1 million euro TEMPUS European Commission project to develop social work education in two countries previously within the USSR.

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European Union, Local Authority, NHS, ARC Research


Journal articles

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Theses / Dissertations

Homer, C. (2020). The patient experience of bariatric surgery: a longitudinal qualitative study. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Nelson, P., Allmark, P., & Goyder, L.


Cronin De Chavez, A., Nelson, P., Tod, A.M., Hoyland-Powell, V., Homer, C., & Stocks, A.J. (2014). Managing children's health in a cold, damp home - fuel poverty and childhood asthma. Presented at: BSA Medical Sociology Group Annual Conference 2014, Birmingham, UK

Other activities

External Examiner Open University BA Social Work

External Examiner University of East Anglia MA Advanced Social Work

Previously External Advisor Leeds Beckett University MA Advanced Social Work Practice, External Advisor Wolverhampton University BA, MA Social Work, PQ courses, External Examiner London Metropolitan University BSc Social Work

Book editor for the journal Social Work in Transition

Postgraduate supervision

Social Worker Experience of Fatal Child Abuse

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