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Kassim Mwitondi

Dr Kassim Mwitondi MSc, PGCLT, PhD

Senior Lecturer


Kassim is a Senior Lecturer in Applied Statistics/Data Mining, and has been a full-time member of staff of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Arts at Sheffield Hallam University since January 2004.

  • Teaching

    Department of Computing

  • Research

    • Communication and Computing Research Centre
    • Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute

    His research interests are in developing enhanced data mining methods for detecting patterns in space-terrestrial phenomena and uncovering their potential impact on human livelihood. He works in interdisciplinary research consortia with a general focus on knowledge discovery from multi-faceted data (KDMD) for tackling global challenges and sustainability.

    His recent work include modelling spatio-temporal data dynamics in the big data era and their practical consequences on KDMD; characterising, documenting and archiving distributional properties of clay soil chemicals in Southern Africa and developing a balanced regulatory frameworks for knowledge transfer partnerships (KTP).

    His research ethos is built on the foundations of interdisciplinary research – a basis for using science, technology and innovation (STI) in transforming human livelihood through sharing data, technical tools and skills; liaison with policy makers; grooming of young scientists and researchers and the promotion of data open-access.

    Kassim has active and long established research collaborations with researchers from various institutions across the world and he is on editorial boards of several international journals and data repositories. He has undertaken a wide range of consulting tasks for various clients across the world - they include developing an innovation index for a high street British bank; a data-driven index for a long term manufacturing strategy of a Gulf-based Engineering firm and a particulate emission index for a large engineering firm in South Yorkshire.

    PhD Supervision

    Current students:

    • Isiaka, Fatima: 'Physiological Correlates to Online Behaviour'

    Previous students:

    • Salem, Mohamed: 'Data Mining Techniques and Breast Cancer Prediction: A Case Study of Libya' - (2007-2012)
    • Omar, Taib Mahmoud: 'Stochastic Modelling in Financial Markets: Case Study of the Nigerian Stock Market' - (2007-2012)
    • Brain, Alun: 'Strategic Customer Relationship Marketing and Re-Intermediation Models in the Insurance Industry' - (2008-2014)
  • Publications

  • Other activities

    Kassim has published extensively in peer-reviewed journals and presented papers at numerous international conferences on topics related to KDMD applications for global sustainability.

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