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Professor Julie Nightingale PFHEA; PhD; MSc; DCR-R

Professor of Diagnostic Imaging Education; Head of Research for the Dept of Allied Health Professions


I am a diagnostic radiographer by background and following 7 years in clinical practice I have spent most of my career in academic leadership roles in both teaching and research.  Since joining SHU in 2017 I have focused on research, leading a range of funded projects and supporting the development of research capability and capacity within the Department of Allied Health Professions.    



I hold the post of Professor of Diagnostic Imaging Education, joining Sheffield Hallam University in 2017 following a previous position as Professor and Director of Radiography at the University of Salford.  I am a diagnostic radiographer with professional interests in developing the healthcare and radiography workforce, advanced and consultant practice and gastrointestinal imaging. I have developed several postgraduate programmes and study events for GI radiographers, and currently lead the Research Internship programme for nurses and AHPs across the North of England for Health Education England (North). I have contributed to a range of professional publications and research articles, and have delivered invited presentations both internationally and nationally. I have also edited and contributed to several textbooks including: Videofluoroscopy: A multi-disciplinary team approach (Newman and Nightingale), and Gastrointestinal Tract Imaging: An evidence based practice guide (Nightingale and Law).
In 2015 I was recognised as a Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, awarded for strategic leadership at both institutional and national level to encourage innovations in education. Since 2014 I have been the Editor-in-Chief of the international peer-reviewed journal Radiography, and regularly represent the journal at national and international conferences. In 2021 I was awarded the College of Radiographers 'Silver Medal' for outstanding leadership of the journal.
I am passionate about qualitative and mixed methods research and supporting the development of research capability and capacity in health and social care professionals. My current research activity bridges both professional education and practice, with current projects including scoping videofluoroscopy practice, evaluating clinical placement experience, charting the implementation of degree apprenticeships and radiography widening participation and retention.



I have contributed to a range of education focused projects, including:

Nightingale J, Shute E, Precht H. Introduction to Clinical Audit for Radiographers. Section in Information and Support for Radiographers and Radiological Technologists for Covid-19 and Chest X-ray. International Society for Radiographers and Radiation Therapists. https://www.elearning.isrrt.org

Nightingale J. Image Interpretation Project. E-Learning for Healthcare / HEE / SCoR. Module Editor for 16 Gastro-intestinal and Genito-Urinary Image Interpretation sessions. https://portal.e-lfh.org.uk

CT Colonography Radiographer Education Development group, in conjunction with Society and College of Radiographers and Public Health England. Best Practice Guidelines and resources, endorsed by SCoR. https://www.sor.org/learning/document-library/national-best-practice-guidelines-ct-colonography-service 2018. 

The Royal College of Radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers. Team working in Clinical Imaging. 2012. London: The Royal College of Radiologists and the Society and College of Radiographers, September 2012. ISBN 978-1-905034-58-1 Ref No. BFCR(12)9 (Contributor)

Sevens T, Nightingale J, Ali N. Degree apprenticeships for the Radiography profession; are clinical departments ready? Radiography 2021, accepted for publication.

Nightingale J, Parkin J, Nelson P, Masterson-Ng S, Labinjo T, Amoakoh D, Lomas D, Brewster J, Salih I, Harrop D. Surviving not thriving: A qualitative exploration of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic student experiences of health and social care practice placements. BMC Medical Education. Under review.

Sevens T, Nightingale J. Trailblazers: Stakeholder motivations for developing degree apprenticeships for the radiography profession. Radiography 2020;26(1):15-21 DOI:https://doi.org/10.1016/j.radi.2019.10.006

Knapp K, Wright C, Clarke H, McAnulla S, Nightingale JM. The academic radiography workforce: Age profile, succession planning and academic development. Radiography 2017; 23(4):S48-S52. 




My research activity is broadly within the theme of healthcare workforce development and transformation. While some projects are focused within my specialist field of Diagnostic Radiography and specifically videofluoroscopy of swallowing, I also work across health care with recent projects including children's nursing, therapeutic radiography and multi-professional health care.
Topics of interest include diversity in healthcare education and workforce, practitioner behaviours and competences, advanced, specialist and consultant practice, the role of assistant practitioners and support workers and degree apprenticeships. My expertise lies in qualitative and mixed methodologies and writing for publication. I have been Principal Investigator (or co-PI) on several recent projects including:

• Society and College of Radiographers, Delphi Study to inform the Education and Career Framework (2020-2021)
• Health Education England Strategic Support Fund 2019-20, Implementing Diagnostic Radiography Degree Apprenticeships (2020-21)
• Office for Students SIHED Challenge Fund Round 2, Informing Career Choices (2019-2021)
• Health Education England, National Research Internships Progression Evaluation (2019-19)
• Roald Dahl Marvellous Children's Charity. Impact of specialist paediatric nurses (2018-2021)
• Health Education England / SCoR, Retention in Radiography (2019-2020)
• Office for Students SIHED Challenge Fund Round 1, Male student engagement with Radiotherapy as a career - (2018-2019)


Research Internships Progression Evaluation: https://shura.shu.ac.uk/27477/2/Nightingale%20-RoleAlliedHealthProfessionals%28VoR%29.pdf 

Podcast: Barriers to Male Student Recruitment into Therapeutic Radiography. Council of Deans of Health website.  https://www.councilofdeans.org.uk/2021/07/codhcast-sihed-challenge-fund-projects-sheffield-hallam-university/ 

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Julie-Nightingale-2 

Retention of Radiographers in the NHS: https://shura.shu.ac.uk/27928/ 



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Nightingale, J., Appleyard, R., Mcnamara, J., Panchbhaya, M., Posnett, J., & Stone, J. (2022). Gender diversity in therapeutic radiography: A mixed methods exploration of the gender influences impacting on male students' career choices. Radiography, 28 (2), 258-266. http://doi.org/10.1016/j.radi.2022.02.005

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Conference papers

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Book chapters

Nightingale, J., Murphy, F.J., & Borgen, R.M. (2015). Client-practitioner interactions within breast care services. In Hogg, P., Kelly, J., & Mercer, C. (Eds.) Digital Mammography. (pp. 97-104). Springer: http://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-319-04831-4_12

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Sevens, T., & Nightingale, J. (2024). AHP Council research.

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Internet Publications

Nightingale, J. (2019). Study delves into work of Charity’s underdog specialist nurses. [Press which includes quotes by J Nightingale]. https://www.nursingtimes.net/news/research-and-innovation/study-delves-into-work-of-charitys-underdog-specialist-nurses-22-11-2019/


Sevens, T., Nightingale, J., & Ali, N. (2022). Degree apprenticeships for the radiography profession; are clinical departments ready?

Other activities

- Editor-in-Chief Radiography Journal, Elsevier / Society and College of Radiographers, 2014 - 2021

- Assessor for SCoR Accreditation and Assessment Board

- International representative for Irish grants panel (National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education) - allocation of 5.7 Million Euros in 2019-20

- Irish Institute of Radiographers and Radiation Therapists, Delivery of Videofluoroscopy programmes annually since 2006

Postgraduate supervision

Currently supervising four students in the areas of simulation, cancer survivorship, healthcare leadership and continuing competency assessments. 


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