Sophie Reale

Dr Sophie Reale PhD MSc BSc

Behavioural Science Research Fellow


I am a Behavioural Science Research Fellow on a 5-year NIHR funded programme grant called STAMINA (Supported exercise TrAining for Men wIth prostate caNcer on Androgen deprivation therapy). STAMINA aims to integrate exercise into standard NHS prostate cancer care with the delivery partner, Nuffield Health.  My area of expertise is in behaviour change with a particular interest in exercise behaviour and food intake in specialist populations including people with obesity and people with cancer.  My current research focusses on the development and evaluation of complex behaviour change interventions and implementation into the NHS and leisure industry. 



I have an undergraduate degree in Sport and Exercise Science and a Masters degree in Psychology, both of which were awarded at Sheffield Hallam University.   During my undergraduate and Masters degree I explored the impact of menu labelling design on visual attention, food choice and recognition. I also worked as a healthcare specialist at Rotherham Institute for Obesity.   In 2015, I was awarded a faculty scholarship to study for a PhD in the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield. My PhD was centred on infant feeding practices and explored the impact of two methods of downsizing (i.e. snack reduction and snack replacement). During this time, I also worked as a research assistant (ad hoc) on an N8 AgriFood project.    My current role as a behavioural science research fellow includes developing and delivering on a complex intervention by adopting a theory and evidence-based approach, supported by stakeholder and public and patient involvement (PPI) input. Furthermore, I have led on the delivery of a feasibility study and will contribute towards a qualitative process evaluation.     I have published several peer reviewed journal articles, presented at national and international conferences and teach on the MBChB at the University of Sheffield.  



Department of Nursing and Midwifery

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences


Supported exercise TrAining for Men wIth prostate caNcer on Androgen deprivation therapy (STAMINA)



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Reale, S., Turner, R.R., Sutton, E., Taylor, S.J.C., Bourke, L., Morrissey, D., ... Steed, L. (2021). Towards implementing exercise into the prostate cancer care pathway: development of a theory and evidence-based intervention to train community-based exercise professionals to support change in patient exercise behaviour (The STAMINA trial). BMC Health Services Research, 21 (1).

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Conference papers

Peake, R., Flint, S., & Reale, S. (2015). Lead By Example: The Impact Of Athlete Endorsement On Perceptions Of Nutritional Values. In SMAANZ Conference. Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand, Hobart, 2015.

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