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Dr David Asquith BSc, MPhil, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering


Dr Asquith graduated with a degree in Engineering Physics in 2001 and shortly after studied for an MPhil in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Sheffield University (2004). In 2008, he did a PhD in the department of Materials Science, also at the University of Sheffield. Both projects studied surface engineered aluminium with synchrotron diffraction to understand fatigue performance. After finishing his studies, David worked as a Post-Doc. at the University of Sheffield on a variety of experimental mechanics projects in the Mechanical Engineering department. David joined Sheffield Hallam University as a Lecturer in 2010.


Dr Asquith's main interests are in experimental mechanics particularly for studying fatigue and fracture. He has published work on the characterisation of residual stresses and fatigue behaviour of surface engineered materials. Current research projects are looking at the size effects in fracture specimens and non-contacting optical methods for fatigue and fracture measurements. David work's predominantly with metallic materials and specialises in Aluminium but has recently begun working with elastic polymers and composites.

Dr Asquith has expertise in diffraction measurements for residual strain, thin film and texture analysis using laboratory XRD, synchrotron and neutron sources. He has also worked extensively with 3D Digital Image Correlation and recently introduced the technique to SHU. David is an experimentalist foremost but also has interests in analytical and numerical modelling of the problems he works with. He is involved in KTP delivery, and has two recent Innovate grants.

Between his first degree and MPhil David worked for Professor Noel Sharkey at Sheffield University developing autonomous robotic platforms, this has led to some engagement with the Robotics group here at SHU although current research is more focused on smart materials for robotic handling.


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

Business, Technology and Enterprise

- Aerospace Engineering Principles, Level 4, BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering;
- Aerospace Structures and Dynamics, Level 5, BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering;
- Aerospace Structural Integrity, Level 6, BEng/MEng Aerospace Engineering;
- Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Level 4, BSc (Hons) Physics.


David is part of the Structural Integrity Research Group at the Materials and Engineering Research Institute. His group includes Dr Vasileos Pasialis, with whom David is working on the Forgemasters project and PhD students Shakeel Ahmed and Mahsoud Bigharaz both working with digital image correlation. David occasionally hosts visiting researchers.

• Plymouth University (Residual stress, fatigue and texture measurements);
• Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (Residual stress, friction stir processing);
• Sheffield Forgemasters (Innovate grant);
• Tinsley Bridge Ltd (KTP);
• Stakapal Ltd (KTP).


Journal articles

Amjad, K., Asquith, D., Eann, P., Sebastian, C., & Wang, W.-.C. (2017). The interaction of fatigue cracks with a residual stress field using thermoelastic stress analysis and synchrotron X-ray diffraction experiments. Royal Society Open Science, 4 (171100).

James, M.N., Hattingh, D., Asquith, D., Newby, M., & Doubell, P. (2017). Residual stresses in condition monitoring and repair of thermal power generation components. Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics, 92, 289-297.

James, M.N., Hattingh, D.G., Asquith, D., Newby, M., & Doubell, P. (2016). Applications of residual stress in combatting fatigue and fracture. Procedia Structural Integrity, 2, 11-25.

Asquith, D., Yerokhin, A., James, N., Yates, J., & Matthews, A. (2013). Evaluation of Residual Stress Development at the Interface of Plasma Electrolytically Oxidized and Cold-Worked Aluminum. Metallurgical and Materials Transactions. A.,Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science, 44 (10), 4461-4465.

James, M.N., Hughes, D.J., Chen, Z., Lombard, H., Hattingh, D.G., Asquith, D., ... Webster, P.J. (2007). Residual stresses and fatigue performance. Engineering Failure Analysis, 14 (2), 384-395.

Conference papers

Asquith, D.T., & Pasialis, V.P. (2017). Effect of force shedding on surface strains during fatigue pre-cracking. ICF 2017 - 14th International Conference on Fracture, 2, 282-283.

Asquith, D., Wilson, A., & Hasan, S. (2012). Dependence of microtextural orientation on applied fatigue loading in shot-peened aluminium. 19th European Conference on Fracture: Fracture Mechanics for Durability, Reliability and Safety, ECF 2012.

Tai, Y.H., Zanganeh, M., Asquith, D., & Yates, J.R. (2010). Characterisation of full-field deformation behaviour using digital imaging techniques. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 24-25, 141-146.

Asquith, D.T., Tai, Y.H., & Yates, J.R. (2009). Fracture behaviour of 2024 aluminium alloy with discreet 1D residual stress fields. 12th International Conference on Fracture 2009, ICF-12, 7, 5022-5030.

Tai, Y.H., Asquith, D.T., & Yates, J.R. (2009). CTOA measurements using digital image correlation. 12th International Conference on Fracture 2009, ICF-12, 6, 4358-4367.

Wong, C.X., Asquith, D., Tai, Y.H., Yerokhin, A.L., Rongong, J.A., & Yates, J.R. (2009). Damping of flexible structures with PEO coating. 12th International Conference on Fracture 2009, ICF-12, 7, 5080-5090.

Asquith, D.T., H. Tai, Y., X. Wong, C., R. Yates, J., Matthews, A., & Yerokhin, A.L. (2008). Measurement of the interfacial shear strength of a PEO coated aluminium alloy. 17th European Conference on Fracture 2008: Multilevel Approach to Fracture of Materials, Components and Structures, 3, 2105-2111.

Tai, Y.H., Asquith, D.T., Pinna, C., & Yates, J.R. (2008). Optical based characterisation of an aluminium alloy. 17th European Conference on Fracture 2008: Multilevel Approach to Fracture of Materials, Components and Structures, 2, 1709-1716.

Asquith, D.T., Yerokhin, A.L., Yates, J.R., & Matthews, A. (2007). The effect of combined shot-peening and PEO treatment on the corrosion performance of 2024 Al alloy. Thin Solid Films, 516 (2-4), 417-421.

Asquith, D.T., Yerokhin, A.L., Yates, J.R., & Matthews, A. (2006). Effect of combined shot-peening and PEO treatment on fatigue life of 2024 Al alloy. Thin Solid Films, 515 (3), 1187-1191.

Book chapters

Asquith, D., Hughes, D., Hattingh, D., James, N., John, Y., & Aleksey, Y. (2013). Depth Resolved Measurement of the 3D Residual Stress State in Surface Engineered Aluminium by Synchrotron Diffraction. In Shih, K. (Ed.) X-Ray Diffraction : Structure, Principles and Applications. Nova Science

Theses / Dissertations

Ahmed, S. (2018). Novel Experimental Characterisation of Hyperelastic Materials. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Asquith, D.

Other activities

Dr Asquith's external activities include membership of several committees, including BSI Toughness committee, Sheffield Metallurgical and Engineering Society and Nuclear Academic Industrial Liason Society. He has conducted external validation for undergraduate courses and externally examined PhD theses as well as the typical International journal peer reviews and conference organisation.

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