Rosa Alonso-Pérez

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Rosa Alonso-Perez

Senior Lecturer in Spanish, University Language Scheme (ULS) Academic Coordinator


I am a Senior Lecturer in Spanish and teach Spanish language and Contemporary and Professional Studies. I am also one of the University Language Scheme (ULS) Academic Coordinators and I have broad experience teaching foreign languages to complete beginners and advanced learners. My main research interests lay in the field of Foreign Language Teaching and Learning through Audiovisual Translation, Language Learning Motivation and Intercultural Awareness. For these purposes, I designed a short-film subtitling project for level 5 undergraduate students learning Spanish. We embedded this project within the curriculum of a languages core module as part of the ULS. It finishes with the Spanish Short Film Festival, an event that is open to the public, designed to showcase students' work to an international audience. The film directors take an active part during the project and participate in Q&A sessions at the Festival. The project was awarded the Pedagogic Innovation Fund from the Sheffield Business School in 2015. I am also the lead of the Hallam Guild Group "Translation and Interpreting at SHU" through which we have developed strong links with translation industry.



2015: European Master's Degree in Audiovisual Translation, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain

2015: Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, UK

2010: Master's Degree in Foreign Language Teaching in Secondary School and Further Education, Universidad de Granada, Spain

2009: Bachelor of Arts, English Philology, Universidad de Granada, Spain

Senior Lecturer


Department of Management

Sheffield Business School

Languages Studies


Key Publications

Alonso-Perez, R. (2019). Enhancing Student Motivation in Foreign Language Learning through Film Subtitling Projects. In Herrero, C., & Vanderschelden, I. (Eds.) Using Film and Media in the Language Classroom. Reflections on Research-Led Teaching. (pp. 108-126). Multilingual Matters:

Alonso-Perez, R., & Sanchez Requena, A. (2018). Teaching foreign languages through audiovisual translation resources: teachers’ perspectives. Applied Language Learning, 28 (2), 1-24.

Alonso-Perez, M. (2016). La subtitulación como herramienta didáctica.


Alonso-Perez, M. (2015). Enhancing student motivation through film subtitling projects.

Other activities

Research funding or grant:
2017: SBS Pedagogic Innovation Fund, Sheffield Business School, United Kingdom
2015: SBS Pedagogic Innovation Fund, Sheffield Business School, United Kingdom

2017: SEDA Professional Development Award in Personal Tutoring and Academic Advising
2015: HEA Fellowship
2013: DELE examiner accreditation, Instituto Cervantes
2010: Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Project Coordinator and Founder of the Spanish Short Film Festival, Sheffield Hallam University (

Project collaborations:
2017: SONAR -Subtitulación sOcial para proporcioNar Accesibilidad audiovisual en launiveRsidad. 'RED DE INNOVACIÓN' project. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain.
2017: VICTOR -VoIce-over aCtiviTies to imprOve oRal production skills. 'RED DE INNOVACIÓN' project. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain.
2016: SubLITE -SUBtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing to improve LIstening and WriTing Skills in foreign language Education. 'RED DE INNOVACIÓN' project. Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia, Spain.

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