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Dr Katrin Stefansdottir PhD, MSc, PGCE FHEA, BA

Senior Lecturer


I am an events researcher focusing on business events. My main areas of interest for research are within conferences; learning, and sharing of knowledge; career development; communities; event experience, design, and co-creation; and event impact, value, and outcomes. My main teaching areas are within business events; event strategy and operations; research and finance.


My research focus is within business events, with particular interest on conferences and their contribution towards career development opportunities and new learning. In my previous research I focused on the individual attendee’s conference journey, developing an understanding of the impacts it creates over a lifetime of multiple conference attendances. One of the research areas I am interested in exploring is the relationship between career progression/development and attendance at business events.

My teaching areas are greatly aligned with my research interest areas and previous industry experience. I teach across both undergraduate and postgraduate courses within event management, mostly within modules on business events, research, and finance. Many students find modules within these areas of limited interest early on in their studies. I take great pride in delivering my teaching so that students, at the end of the module delivery, find these topic interesting and worthwhile pursuing, or at the very least understand the importance of them and can apply their knowledge of them within their professional lives.

I am an experienced supervisor of undergraduate research projects and postgraduate dissertations on a variety of topics within events management. I also deliver workshops for doctoral students about the importance for academics to attend conferences and the impact the attendance can have on their research and career progression.

My research interests in relation to business events include:

• Conferences

• Learning; Development and Sharing of Knowledge

• Career Development

• Communities

• Experience, Design, and Co-creation

• Impact, Value, Evaluations and Outcomes

If you are an organisation, academic, or student interested in these areas, with or without links to business events, or any other aspects of business events, please get in touch - I am happy to discuss any ideas you have.

Senior Lecturer


Department of Service Sector Management

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Events Management

Courses taught:

BSc (Hons) Events Management

BA (Hons) Festival and Entertainment Management

MSc International Events Management

Modules taught:

Delivering Successful Business Events

Strategic Event Design

Academic Research Skills

Finance and Data Interpretation


Book chapters

Stefansdottir, K., & Crowther, P. (2022). Individual Attendees' Value of Business Events. In The Routledge Handbook of Business Events. (pp. 83-93). Routledge: http://doi.org/10.4324/9781315210568-11

Stefansdottir, K. (2014). Strategic Event Evaluation. In Sharples, L., & Crowther, P. (Eds.) Strategic Event Creation. (1st). (pp. 256). Oxford: Goodfellow Publishers Ltd

Theses / Dissertations

Stefansdottir, K.S. (2020). The holistic conference experience: understanding the individual attendee's conference journey. (Doctoral thesis). Supervised by Egan, D. http://doi.org/10.7190/shu-thesis-00322


Stefansdottir, K. (2018). The analysis of life-world interviews - Understanding the Conference Journey. Presented at: 3rd Tourism Research Network PhD/ECR Symposium 2018, Stoddart Building, Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, 2018

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Stefansdottir, K. (2014). Conference attendees' long-term value of the conference experience and its evaluation.

Stefansdottir, K. (2013). Evaluation of meetings and conferences.

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