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Dr Walid Issa

Dr Walid Issa BSc, MSc, PhD, FHEA

Associate Professor in Power Electronics


Dr Walid Issa received his PhD in Renewable Energy from University of Exeter, 2015. Walid joined Sheffield Hallam in September 2016 as a Lecturer in Electrical and Electronic Engineering then a worked as course leader in 2017-2021 for MEng/BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Now he is the EDI lead in the Engineering Department. His main research interests include power electronics, digital control, DC/AC and DC/DC converters and their applications microgrids, EV and smart buildings.


Vision: Achieve novelty, innovation, and impact
Mission: Perform outstanding teaching, research, and administrative work with national and international impact to increase the University reputation

Prior to joining SHU, Dr. Walid undertook a 2-year PDRA position at the University of Exeter, 2014-2016, under supervision of Prof. Mohammad Abusara within a funded-EPSRC project - RESCUES (EP/K03619X/1). Issa’s research focuses on the development of the future smart grids as a solution to reduce CO2 emissions, to integrate more renewable resources and de-risking the growing numbers of Electric Vehicles (EV). He developed numerical models and control methods with experimental validation to investigate the dynamic behaviour of microgrids during unintentional islanding scenarios, which is essential tools for stability and robustness development for these smart grids. Furthermore, his research investigates strategies of integrating multi-unit alternative energy resources in the future smart grids including smart buildings solutions and EVs.

Dr Issa has developed a reduced-order microgrid model, to accelerate the stability investigation phases and considers, for the first time, the unintentional switching between grid-connected mode and island mode, when an incident or bad weather conditions happen, and developed a controller to minimize the sources tripping rate that impacts the system quality. These techniques have been further developed in for multiple converters for bidirectional and unidirectional energy sources in a microgrid. Dr Issa for the first time used the participation factor analysis, which is usually used for power systems, to investigate and approve the superiority of a control loop over another. That led to a creation of a new controller selection methodology and more optimized controllers perform more efficiently. Dr Issa has developed new methodologies and modelling for unifying controllers for power converters operating in different modes in a microgrid able to work in grid-connected and island modes.

In addition, he has also worked in a multidisciplinary research team led by Prof. Tapas Mallick to develop solutions for Building-Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) systems. Dr Issa investigated the potential of semi-transparent Photovoltaic cells to enhance the energy profile of Façade. During his doctoral and postdoctoral positions, Issa has worked on wide variety of topics, as demonstrated through his publications [Google Scholar] focusing on power electronics converters and BIPV systems and controllers.

Dr Issa has cooperated with INSA de Strasbourg (PI) from France to obtain a European fund (€1m) as a consortium consultancy member from SHU with other two German partners for the VEHICLE project, has been awarded a university mobility grant (£4k) for research networking and collaboration and equipment funding (£70k). He won the Driving Electric Revolution Innovate UK grant (£25k). He has supervised, to completion, two PhD students, 18 MSc students, and is currently supervising three PhD students.
Continuously the recognition of his research is also evidenced by invitations to contribute to special editions of journals (Special issue: Technologies and Materials for Renewable Energy, Environment and Sustainability (TMREES) of Energy Procedia Journal), and to be a guest editor (Special Issue "Building Integrated PV System"). He is also a technical reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, IET Power Electronics, etc and is EPSRC FULL College Member and review panel member for FONDECYT, IEEE senior member and member of IEEE Power Electronics Society Technical Committee on Control and Modelling of Power Electronics.


Specialist areas of interest

  • DC/AC and DC/DC converters (Modelling, Design and Control)
  • Smart grids and Microgrids
  • Microgrid Modelling
  • Renewable energy (Solar and Wind) Integration
  • Smart Buildings and Integrated solutions
  • Rapid control prototyping
  • Energy Harvesting


Department of Engineering and Mathematics

College of Business, Technology and Engineering

Electrical, Power, Control Engineering

Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Walid is leading several modules over all levels covering

• Power Electronics & Drives
• Sustainable Energy
• Electronics



Current Project
Driving the electric revolution – building talent for the future

Previous Project
RESCUES: Reliable and Efficient System for Community Energy Solution


Collaborators and sponsors

  • Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI), University of Exeter
  • Electro-Mechanical Engineering research group (EME), University of Southampton


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Conference papers

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Book chapters

Issa, W., Abusara, M., Sharkh, S., & Mallick, T. (2015). A small signal model of an inverter-based microgrid including DC link voltages. In Power Electronics and Applications (EPE'15 ECCE-Europe), 2015 17th European Conference on. (pp. 1-10). IEEE:

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Hamed, B., & Issa, W. (2011). A New Approach for Robust Internal Model Control of Nonlinear Systems Control Systems Application.


Issa, W. (2021). High voltage series mosfet switching circuit.

Other publications

Issa, W. (2020). Walid Issa Plus. Youtube:

Issa, W. (2014). Walid Issa Youtube Channel. Youtube:

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