Denise Foulkes

Denise Foulkes

Senior Lecturer


Denise joined Sheffield Hallam as a full-time Senior Lecturer in October 2015. Having worked for many years as a Senior Reporting Radiographer at a local Trust, here her roles spanned from General Radiography, CT and Cardiac Angiography but mainly focused on Plain Film Reporting of the Appendicular and Axial Skeleton, with an interest in Chest Image Interpretation and Patient Care and Pathways.


Denise was previously involved in Clinical Education as part of her former role, where amongst other topics she had the responsibility to teach and train a range of staff in X-ray in BLS, CPR, Anaphylaxis, AED and AND as well as in recognition and response to Sepsis and recognition of acutely unwell patients. Her role assisted staff with reflection following incidents within the department and acted as mentor for junior colleagues. Denise has a passion for teaching in an area where she has extensive clinical experience and remains clinically active, to ensure that her delivery is focused, relevant and up to date. Image interpretation Anatomy Physiology and Pathology Plain Film and Trauma Imaging Cardiac Intervention Clinical Skills and Professionalism. Denise has also demonstrated CPR skills to the general public.

Image interpretation
Physiology and pathology
Plain film and trauma imaging
Cardiac intervention
Clinical skills and professionalism


College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Allied Health Professions Health and Wellbeing Radiographic Practice 1,2, 3 and 4 Alternative Imaging Modalities Application of Imaging (at multiple levels) Clinical Practice (at multiple levels) Evidence Based Radiographic Practice Imaging Science (at multiple levels) Musculoskeletal Imaging (at multiple levels) Preparation for Employment Fundamentals of MSK Radiographic Image Interpretation (level 7) Fundamentals of Chest Radiographic Image Interpretation (level 7) Chest Radiographic Image Interpretation (level 7) Musculoskeletal Radiographic Image Interpretation (level 7)

Application of Imaging

Clinical Practice

Evidence based radiographic practice

Imaging science

Interventional Radiological Studies

Musculoskeletal imaging

Preparation for Employment


Journal articles

Naylor, S., & Foulkes, D. (2017). Diagnostic Radiographers working in the operating theatre: an action research project. Radiography, 24 (1), 9-14.

Internet Publications

Sevens, T., Smith, D., Watkins, N., & Foulkes, D. (2021). The use of simulated learning to enhance and increase diagnostic radiography placement experience.


Naylor, S., & Foulkes, D. (2017). Evaluating interprofessional simulation in the operating theatre. Presented at: UK Radiological and Radiation Oncology Congress 2017, Manchester, 2017

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