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Patrick Wichert

Patrick Wichert MArt, BFA, FHEA

Principal Lecturer, Subject Group Leader in Media and PR


Having studied visual design and fine art in Switzerland, Germany and the UK Patrick Wichert then worked as freelance artist and tutor, followed by a long career as university lecturer and manager. He maintains an active photography portfolio and hopes to finally embark on long-planned PhD studies in early 2016.

  • About

    Patrick's professional career has been largely within academia, but in (slightly) younger years he did also work as a carer and skiing instructor. At one time he aspired to be a textile designer too. Sometimes I dream about bee keeping or life in a small mountain village. But then he would miss my students and colleagues, the town of Sheffield. Most importantly perhaps, Patrick is a highly experienced educator with a genuine interest in the academic and personal development of my students. He is a photographer by heart, but does have extensive knowledge in visual communication and design also. Over the years he has taught most industry relevant creative tools and overseen countless student projects and dissertations, many client-based. Patrick's experience of over 15 years in higher education includes roles as year tutor, course leader, subject group leader and international coordinator. He has contributed to the development of new course programmes and degrees on numerous occasions and claim in-depth understanding of UK and German university frameworks. For a considerable time now he has been line-manager to a distinguished group of colleagues, who appear to appreciate my approach. Patrick's students too seem to like my teaching finding it caring, memorable, and often inspirational.

    Specialist areas of interest

    Photography and Visual Communication

  • Teaching

    Department of Media Arts and Communication

    Business, Technology and Enterprise

    "The Transient Landscapes of Migration", PhD studies project proposal, photographic

    Media and PR

    Media, Digital Media Production

    Applied Photography

    Communication Through Photography

  • Research

    • "The Transient Landscapes of Migration", submitted PhD studies project proposal, photographic
    • "Parallel Landscapes: Walking Home, artist book project, photographic

  • Publications


    Robinson, A. (n.d.). Northern Light - Website Gallery. [Website based gallery].

    Gent, S., Watson, A., Lee, J., Wichert, P., Robinson, S., Robinson, A., ... Lazenby, M. (2018). Walk Out. [Video, photography, and sculpture]. Sheffield Institute for Art.

    Wichert, P. (2019). Versazca Foto Festival 2019 Exhibition "In Cammino". [Photography]. Brione Versazca, Switzerland.

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