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Sina Pournouri

Dr Sina Pournouri

Lecturer in Cyber Security


I joined Sheffield Hallam University in 2019 as a Lecturer in Cyber Security. My main research interests include Cyber Security, Information Security Management and Data mining.


Cyber Security

  • Project Based Learning
  • Web Security
  • Information Security Concepts and Principals


Journal articles

Pournouri, S., & Craven, M. (2014). E-business, recent threats and security countermeasures. International Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics, 6 (3), 169.

Conference papers

Pournouri, S., Zargari, S., & Akhgar, B. (2019). An Investigation of Using Classification Techniques in Prediction of Type of Targets in Cyber Attacks. Proceedings of 12th International Conference on Global Security, Safety and Sustainability, ICGS3 2019, 122-132.

Pournouri, S., Akhgar, B., & Bayerl, P.S. (2016). Cyber attacks analysis using decision tree technique for improving cyber situational awareness. Communications in Computer and Information Science, 630 (630), 155-172.

Pournouri, S., & Akhgar, B. (2015). Improving Cyber Situational Awareness Through Data Mining and Predictive Analytic Techniques. In Communications in Computer and Information Science, (pp. 21-34). Springer International Publishing:

Book chapters

Beavers, J., & Pournouri, S. (2019). Recent Cyber Attacks and Vulnerabilities in Medical Devices and Healthcare Institutions. In Blockchain and Clinical Trial. (pp. 249-267). Springer International Publishing:

Pournouri, S., Zargari, S., & Akhgar, B. (2018). Predicting the Cyber Attackers; A Comparison of Different Classification Techniques. In Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications. (pp. 169-181). Springer International Publishing:

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