Faten Al-Salti

Dr Faten Al-Salti PhD. MSc. BSc. RN

Adult Nursing Lecturer


Motivated person with strong organisational and prioritisation abilities. Areas of expertise include teaching, conducting scientific research, and work in clinical areas. I have accumulated over twenty years of teaching and practical work experience at the National Health Services UK and at Further Education institutions in South Yorkshire, UK. I can create stimulating lessons to inspire a class. I work well in a team and can communicate efficiently at all levels and ages. Self-dependent in performing autonomous roles, I have good experience of adapting my own skills to new circumstances. Mature and lively, respect diversity and ethnic minority, believe in equality and respect human rights.  I have a variety of outside interests and I am keen to improve my teaching skills further and contribute to the success of the organisation.


I trained as a Nurse in Jordan, graduated from the University of Jordan, Faculty of Nursing and have professional registrations with the Nursing and Midwifery Council as a Registered General Nurse.

I completed a Masters degree in Nursing Education from the University of Jordan, followed by a PhD in nursing, specialised in infection control from the University of Wales.

I completed additional courses - Diploma in Critical care, from the University of Sheffield, English National Board 199 in Accident and Emergency Nursing, English National Board 998 In Teaching and Assessing in Clinical Area from University of Sheffield. I also achieved Infection Control Nurse practitioner Certificate from University of Toronto.

I am involved in a number of nursing modules and interprofessional education; teaching a wide variety of topics connected to nursing and health and social care.

I am part of a link lecturer team covering the Rotherham area; working in partnership with learners in practice and clinical practice colleagues and university placement leads.


Department of Nursing and Midwifery

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Subject area

  • BSc Nursing
  • MSc Nursing 

Courses taught

  • Health and social care
  • Access to nursing course
  • Employability

Modules taught

• Advancing district nursing practice
• Evaluating complexity in practice
• Evaluating research methodologies
• Evidence and enquiry for practice
• leading and co-ordinating person centred care
• Person centred care - leading and coordinating
• Personal and professional development
• Providing and evaluating person centred care
• Researching for practice (distant)
• Researching for practice (taught)
• Simulated placement (level 4)
• Simulated placement (level 6)
• The advancing professional
• Working with complexity in practice


Co-researcher and Co-author in research about the Delivery of antimicrobial stewardship competencies in UK pre-registration nurse education programmes: a national cross-sectional survey,121, (2022).  Journal of hospital infection. The Healthcare Infection Society. Published by Elsevier Ltd. www. elsevier.com m/ locate/jhin. https://authors.elsevier.com/a/1eOj%7EiVO03Zp5. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35484018/.

The national survey was followed by another research, where I was involved as a Co-researcher about “Preparedness to engage in antimicrobial stewardship activities: A national cross-sectional survey of UK pre-registration nursing students". (2022 -2023). Publication is in progress (to be submitted Friday 30 September 2023).

Co-author / investigator in a rapid evidence literature review research about: “Research Collaboration on Birmingham and Lewisham Black African and Black Caribbean Health Inequalities review (BLACHIR) wider determinants of health theme”. It was conducted within Sheffield Hallam University. Publication is in progress. (2021-2022). My role as a co-investigator in this research project suggests a contribution to understanding health inequalities, which can lead to the development of strategies to address these disparities.

I worked as a co-author in research about “Assessing the factors that facilitate or impede young asylum seekers in the UK from accessing and using mental health services: A scoping review of qualitative studies”. (2022 -2023) within Sheffield Hallam University. Publication is in progress. This work enriched my knowledge about research and gained more knowledge about refugees and their mental health needs and wellbeing.

The lead and a Co-researcher in research (2023). Project to examine the impact of a student buddy system on engagement, performance, sense of community, health and wellbeing within pre-registration nursing and midwifery.

Co-applicant in grant applications:
• Internal SHRIEF grant
• Evidence review NHSE

Other activities

Achievements as an Adult Nursing Lecturer:

Educational Excellence: I have contributed to the development and delivery of high-quality nursing education programmes. I enhanced my teaching abilities to make sure that the students have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills to become competent adult nurses. I always use advanced teaching resources and advanced teaching strategies to suit all learners needs and styles.

Leadership Roles: I have aspired to take on leadership positions within my academic institution, such as becoming the health research ethics lead and lead for the research about mental health and buddies’ system. This demonstrates my commitment to shaping the direction of the nursing programme.

Community Engagement: I am actively involved in the nursing community beyond my institution. This involved participating in professional nursing conferences, contributing to the preparation of the mental health conference and supporting PhD candidates and nursing applicants through checking RPL evidence.

Advocacy: I advocate for the nursing profession and work towards positive changes in healthcare policies and practices.  I work well within the interdisciplinary collaboration team in recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to patient care. I continuously seek innovative teaching methods and technologies to enhance the learning experience for my students and promote excellence in nursing education.

 • Research and innovation (R&I):
Research and Scholarship:  I have actively engaged in research related to adult nursing, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and contributing to the advancement of nursing knowledge. One published research and two research are in progress for publications. I presented a research paper in the adult nursing conference about the antimicrobial stewardship.
I have positive contribution to the planning and delivery of research impact activities; I am the research lead for the student mental health and buddies’ system. I have submitted and supported applications to first and small grant schemes (research about ethnic minorities). I have a ready research project waiting the ethics committee approval. I finished my PhD supervision course and so far, supported the international PhD candidates in their proposal and applications. 

• Teaching and learning (T&L):

Student Success: My dedication to teaching and mentoring has resulted in positive student outcomes, including high pass rates (All my group learners in the advance professional module pass their thesis successfully which were marked by experts nursing lecturers / markers) and successful placements in healthcare settings.
Curriculum Development: I shared my knowledge and opinions regarding updating and improving the nursing curriculum to reflect the latest evidence-based practices and address the evolving needs of the healthcare industry in many adult nursing staff meetings and workshops.
Professional Development: I have continuously pursued my own professional development, staying up to date with the latest advancements in nursing and education. I prepared and I have record of producing high quality educational materials for various modules. I am actively involved in the delivery of courses and modules. I have teaching qualifications. (Master’s degree in nursing education and certificate in teaching and assessing in clinical areas)

 • External and professional engagement (E&PE).

I actively involved in the nursing community beyond my institution. This involvement included attending external conferences and workshops. Registered to be a member with the Multilingualism Network Sheffield Institute of Education. I always have aims related to community service and civic engagement, using my expertise as a nurse to benefit the broader community and promote health and well-being. I have positive contribution to my nursing profession and engagement with professional/ clinical area. I am an academic advisor and worked as a link lecture.

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