Peter Macqueen

Peter Macqueen FHEA MIMMM

Principal Lecturer


Shaping the future of both packaging within higher education, and work based learning in Art and Design.


I'm an energetic, and (slightly worryingly) enthusiastic packaging educator, designer & communicator, with an extensive industry track record in sheet material conversion.

I lead the Art & Design Apprenticeship Portfolio within Sheffield Hallam University, helping both companies and apprentices reach their full work based learning potential.

As course leader of the Packaging Professional BSc, I'm part of the team developing a new wave of pan-supply-chain talent, ready to cope with the complex demands placed on professionals working towards more equitable, sustainable outcomes for the sector.

I have extensive experience within Manufacturing, Brand Owner and Design Consultancy packaging teams, winning work, and awards in every workplace.


Department of Art and Design

College of Social Sciences and Arts

Subject area:

  • Product
  • Interior Architecture
  • Metalwork & Jewellery & Packaging

Courses taught:

  • Packaging Professional BSc

Modules taught:

  • Introduction to Packaging
  • Packaging the Future
  • Packaging End Point Assessment


Conference papers

Keyte, J., Evans, R., & Macqueen, P. (2016). Thinking Keeping : a practice-led research project which focuses on the act of opening or breaking in to product packaging. In Desmet, P., Fokkinga, S., Ludden, G., Cila, N., & Van Zuthem, H. (Eds.) 10th International Conference on Design and Emotion, Amsterdam, 27 September 2016 - 30 September 2016. Design & Emotion Society:

Other publications

Kirkby, J., Battle, S., & Macqueen, P. (2014). FibreForm Paper ties (Design). Marks and Spencer:

Battle, S., Kirkby, J., & Macqueen, P. (n.d.). Little Helper : packaging design and process innovation. Little Helper:

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