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Peter Macqueen

Peter Macqueen

Packaging Designer


Peter is a structural packaging designer in Design Futures, with a decade of working for and with some of the biggest names in British food, drink and manufacturing. Specialising in sheet material conversion, Peter has a track record of delivering the right solution to the right business, from local start-ups to multinational corporations. Many of his designs have international design protection, and he has won several significant packaging industry awards.


Peter has two young kids, and spends his weekends behaving like one of them. He is an avid follower of AFC Wimbledon, founding their long standing fanzine, and has keen interests in graffiti and cooking and keeping chickens (until that nasty incident with the fox).


Conference papers

Keyte, J., Evans, R., & Macqueen, P. (2016). Thinking Keeping : a practice-led research project which focuses on the act of opening or breaking in to product packaging. In Desmet, P., Fokkinga, S., Ludden, G., Cila, N., & Van Zuthem, H. (Eds.) 10th International Conference on Design and Emotion, Amsterdam, 27 September 2016 - 30 September 2016. Design & Emotion Society:

Other publications

Kirkby, J., Battle, S., & Macqueen, P. (2014). FibreForm Paper ties (Design). Marks and Spencer:

Battle, S., Kirkby, J., & Macqueen, P. (n.d.). Little Helper : packaging design and process innovation. Little Helper:

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