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Mohsen Shafizadeh

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Co-course Leader in Applied Sport and Exercise Science (MSc), Dr Mohsen Shafizadeh

Senior Lecturer


Mohsen Shafizadeh teaches motor control and movement analysis on the sport and exercise science related degrees and cover both sport and clinical settings. Current research interests include skill acquisition, movement re-acquisition and using constrained-led approach in practice for rehabilitation and performance enhancement.


Mohsen Shafizadeh was appointed to the academic staff of the Academy of Sport and Physical Activity in 2012. He has teaching responsibilities in the areas of skill acquisition and performance analysis and he has role as module leader for both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

His research expertise lies mainly in the acquisition and re-acquisition of motor skills and analysis performance in both healthy population and people with long-term neurological conditions. Another area is application of theories of ecological-dynamic in practice for talent development and skill refinement.

Before he came to Sheffield Hallam University, he had a postdoc research position in University College London on a funded project in low-back pain and physical activity and he was responsible to record muscle activity using wireless EMG systems in different types of movement patterns. He graduated in 2004 in motor behaviour and his PhD dissertation was about attentional focus and learning bimanual coordination skills in anticipatory tasks.

Specialist areas of interest

Movement rehabilitation, movement analysis, motor control and learning, performance analysis


Academy of Sport and Physical Activity

College of Health, Wellbeing and Life Sciences

Perception-action coupling in real contexts
Motor variability in people with stroke during walking
Motor control in people with long-term neurological conditions
Gait re-education in people with stroke
Dual-tasking and task constraints in rehabilitation of motor disorders

Movement Science

Sport and Exercise Science

Motor control, performance analysis


Journal articles

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Conference papers

Anderson, E., Stone, J., Dunn, M., Shafizadeh, M., & Heller, B. (2019). Evaluating representative design in tennis practice tasks. In 3rd Scientific Conference on Motor Skill Acquisition.

Anderson, E., Stone, J., Shafizadeh, M., Dunn, M., & Heller, B. (2018). Representative Movement Behaviour Measurement in Sport: Gold Standard Measurement versus Gold Standard Data. In Measuring Behavior Conference.

Shafizadeh, M., Wheat, J., Kelley, J., & Davids, K. (2017). Effects of different walking constraints on motor synergy in people with chronic stroke [abstract only]. In European Society of Biomechanics Conference, Seville, Spain, 3 July 2017 - 5 July 2017.

Book chapters

Shafizadehkenari, M., & Platt, G. (2013). Motor control and variability in human gait pattern. In Lopez, M., & Gillingham, A. (Eds.) Treadmills: Kinematic Variability, Uses in Therapy & Effects on Muscle Activity. (pp. 1-42). Hauppauge, New York: Nova Publisher:


Platt, G.K., Shafizadehkenari, M., & Revolta, G. (2012). Children and handedness: making the right choices. Nova Publisher.

Postgraduate supervision

Emma Anderson-Movement analysis in tennis; Tanseem Alnaser-Overuse injuries in Volleyball; Rokaya Alshatti-Funcational tests in pregnant women

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