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Dr Rosalind Wolstenholme BSc, PhD

Senior Lecturer In Analytical Science


Rosalind obtained her PhD in 2005 in analytical forensic science and began teaching forensic science in 2004. She has been at Sheffield Hallam since 2008 teaching forensic science on undergraduate and postgraduate modules.


The main focus of her research is chemical analysis of fingermarks. In collaboration with Prof Simona Francese, the BMRC Fingerprint Research Group was established in 2008. The group have applied new techniques to fingermark analysis, in order to get chemical information on top of an image of the fingermark ridges. This can provide the Police with intelligence information about the donor, e.g. diet, contact with drugs, gender. Recent work has shown that the method is compatible with current operational practice.


Journal articles

Francese, S., Bradshaw, R., Ferguson, L.S., Wolstenholme, R., Clench, M.R., & Bleay, S. (2013). Beyond the ridge pattern: multi-informative analysis of latent fingermarks by MALDI mass spectrometry. The Analyst, 138 (15), 4215.

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Bradshaw, R., Wolstenholme, R., Blackledge, R.D., Clench, M.R., Ferguson, L.S., & Francese, S. (2011). A novel matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionisation mass spectrometry imaging based methodology for the identification of sexual assault suspects. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 25 (3), 415-422.

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Conference papers

Tisinger, L., Diz, E.L., Wolstenholme, R., Ferguson, L., Champion, P.M., & Ziegler, L.D. (2010). Fingerprints..[ellipsis (horizontal)] Fingerprinted by SERS!!! AIP Conference Proceedings.

Edwards, H.G.M., Wolstenholme, R., Wilkinson, D.S., Brooke, C., & Pepper, M. (2007). Raman spectroscopic analysis of the enigmatic Comper pigments. Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry, 387 (6), 2255-2262.


Reed, H., Francese, S., Wheat, J., & Wolstenholme, R. (2014). POWDER DISCHARGE GUN. WO2014016563 (A1).

Other activities

Rosalind is a member of the Forensic Science Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry. She is currently working with the Forensic Science Society to gain accreditation for the forensic courses in the bioscience department.

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