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Professor Christoph Zellweger

Professor of Art and Design


Currently I have no regular teaching responsibilities at SHU but I continue to run short experimental workshops in many leading European Universities and Design & Art Academies every year. I see this as a way to disseminate research findings, and fine-tune questions alongside other professionals and students.


A critical view on a world increasingly shaped by man provides the starting point for my research. The output may take the form of artistic object, installation, product (as objects to wear), or simply artefact. I explore issues of identity and different narratives around the body exposed to an increasing use of invasive medical technologies.

My practice tries to generate a debate on the new direction of social rituals, the relationship between design and science, and the issues that arise when aesthetics meets ethics.

My engagement with the artificial, the constructed world of objects, bodies and identities also implies taking a critical stance to reflect on that essential human activity of 'making', of designing the world. Developing the appropriate means for a self-reflective design practice has become a challenge in itself.


College of Business, Technology and Engineering


Journal articles

Zellweger, C., & Botha, N. (2008). Phantom limbs. Design Indaba Magazine, Q2 08, 34-39.

Zellweger, C. (2008). Foreign bodies / jewellery as prothesis. Design Research Quarterly, 3 (4), 9-15.

Conference papers

Zellweger, C. (2011). Incredibles : an artistic investigation into the embodiment of material culture. In EKSIG 2011: SkinDeep - experiential knowledge and multi sensory communication, Farnham, England, 23 June 2011 - 24 June 2011.

Zellweger, C. (2008). Foreign Bodies / Jewellery as Prothesis. In 11th intern Design Indaba Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, 27 February 2008 - 29 February 2008.

Book chapters

Zellweger, C. (2011). Christoph Zellweger. In Bernabei, R. (Ed.) Contemporary jewellers : interviews with European artists. (pp. 226-232). London: Bloomsbury Academic

Léchot-Hirt, L., & Zellweger, C. (2010). Recherché-creation en design : modèles pour une pratique expérimentale. In Recherche-Creation en Design; Modeles pour une Pratique Experimentale. (pp. 20-25). Geneva Switzerland: Metis Presses

Zellweger, C. (2007). FORM Magazin: Just Skin and Bones. In Form. (pp. 62-66). Birkhauser Verlag AG


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Zellweger, C. (2010). Bigger than the real thing. London, England.

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Zellweger, C. (2010). Incredibles - off space exhibition. Lausanne, Switzerland.

Zellweger, C. (2013). Rituals of Self Design. Overbeck Gesellschaft, Luebeck, Germany.

Zellweger, C. (2008). From Hand to Hand. mudac. Design Museum Lausanne, Switzerland.

Zellweger, C. (2015). Body embellishment. [online publication]. Mint Museum UPTOWN, Levine Center for the Arts, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

Zellweger, C. (2016). Domesticated. Marsden Woo Gallery, London, 23 Charlotte Road.

Zellweger, C. (2015). Body Alchemy. [Book / Exhibition Catalogue]. Art Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou / Crafts Museum, China Academy of Art, (Xiangshan Campus, Zhuantang).

Zellweger, C. (2015). Cutting Itch. [group exhibition]. Tan Kan Kee Art Center, Xiamen, China.


Zellweger, C. (2010). Upgrade. Perspectives on corporeal design. Presented at: 6th Swiss Design Network Conference. Negotiatiating Futures. Design Fiction, Basel Switzerland, 2010

Other publications

Zellweger, C. (2009). Keynote address: Foreign Bodies / Jewellery as Prosthesis.

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