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Foreign Bodies

foreign bodies

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Monography: Foreign Bodies - Christoph Zellweger

The monograph, published and distributed internationally by ACTAR Publishers, targets academic and non-academic audiences concerned with hybrid practices in the arts, applied art and design. The publication contextualises and sets out Zellweger's research and work in different media and includes images of finished works, works in progress and in context.

The bi-lingual text, commissioned by Zellweger and editor Monica Gaspar, features a variety of voices from cultural and political theory including essays by Martina Margetts, Dr Pietro Morandi and Dr Sabine Runde, as well as conversations with artists/designers Emma Woffenden, Damian O’Sullivan, Iris Eichenberg and Ted Noten. ACTAR is known for exploring relationships between the arts, design and architecture, specialising in ‘works and individuals who affect the character of current research and practice and its relationship to the larger social context’.

Researchers involved

Professor Christoph Zellweger - Professor of Art and Design

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