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Excessories - Let's talk about FAT

excessories lets talk about fat

Solo Exhibition, Galerie Louise Smit, Amsterdam, 8 July to 14 September 2012

EXCESSORIES or ACCESSORIES? The title of this exhibition confronts the literate reader with a creative misunderstanding, 'EXCESS' or 'ACCESS' or both?

EXCESSORIES introduces the notion of excess, which best defines today’s social habits of consumption. 'Excess' lays at the etymological core of the word luxury. What exceeds, what overflows, is the most exuberant side of nature and this is often manifested in the form of FAT, BODILY FAT.

Zellweger identified the contemporary obsession with fat and produced a series of works in blown glass. These works made up of empty, translucent volumes, seem to overflow. Each artefact is marked with a weight reference coming from operation protocols (plastic surgery). The figures report on the diverse fates of fat to become metaphors for absence, gain and loss.

This work was exhibited at Galerie Louise Smit in Amsterdam from 8th July to 14th September 2012.

Researchers involved

Professor Christoph Zellweger - Professor of Art and Design

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