HOSPITAbLe is a collection that challenges and reflects upon an ambiguous future domestic landscape that presents hybrid functionality and confused visual language and soundscape.

  • BuddyWOTCH


    Following a Small Business Research Initiative project that developed a proof-of-principle prototype, this project focuses on merging user-led, evidence based design methods developed by Lab4Living to generate pre-production prototypes of BuddyWOTCH. The project supports the Department of Health’s ‘3millionlives’ concordat to improve the lives of 3 million LTC patients with self-monitoring tech.



    Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities.

  • Improving the experiences of people living with dementia

    Improving the experiences of people living with dementia

    Funded through the Royal Society New Zealand Catalyst Fund this project is a joint initiative between Lab4Living and The Design for Health and Wellbeing (DHW) Lab, NZ.

  • Design to care

    Design to care

    Through adopting a co-design approach, we aim to give marginalised groups a voice in how we shape future palliative care.

  • The Member's a Gentleman

    The Member's a Gentleman

    The work situates notions of the locale around and within socialised leisure practises and communal activities of conversation, storytelling and memorialisation. Founded as a consequence of industrialisation, and a by-product of the need for new activities to occupy the spaces opened up by (then) novel notions of 'leisure-time', the Working Men's Club was often located at the heart of working-class communities and was, for a period of time, the predominant venue for communal social life.

  • Exchange Brooches

    Exchange Brooches

    The brooches pictured belong to a series of over 100, made for The Campaign for Objects in Purgatory. They were given to contributors to the Objects in Purgatory exhibition (Sheffield Institute of Arts Gallery 2011) in exchange for contributing their story or drawing of an uncherished gift. The project has been initiated and developed by designer Julia Keyte.

  • Research Degree - The reclamation of patient narrative: Interrogating patient experience of genetic conditions through film

    Research Degree - The reclamation of patient narrative: Interrogating patient experience of genetic conditions through film

    In 2005 I tested positively for the E-Cadherin mutation, which gave me an eighty per cent chance of developing Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (HDGC). The therapeutic options available were endoscopic surveillance, still unproven, or a prophylactic gastrectomy, which I underwent in 2006.

  • Art on Chairs

    Art on Chairs

    Paul Chamberlain was a major award winner of the ‘Art on Chairs’ international design competition.

  • Mind Sets

    Mind Sets

    Mind Sets is an innovative use of design which utilises the medium of six picture story-making to enable children in care to share their stories. Three-dimensional illustrated environments created a backdrop to help children to frame stories and to engage in active problem-solving using a series of character and challenge cards.

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