• Open Design

    Open Design

    Open Design is an emerging field of study, and has resemblances to the ‘Open Source’ movement in software creation. The idea is that designers upload their designs online and freely allow others to download, alter and manufacture their products. This obviously has huge implications for design and designers.

  • Moving Mountains

    Moving Mountains

    Becky Shaw currently holds an AIR Cocheme Fellowship at Central St Martins. The Fellowship invites artists to explore an aspect of Kings Cross. Kings Cross is often seen as a terminal for travel in and out of London; however, this area has a rich domestic heritage as well as a surprisingly complex manufacturing history.

  • Public art and Architectural metalwork

    Public art and Architectural metalwork

    Contribution to regeneration programs through creative collaborations and the production of public artworks

  • Future Bathroom

    Future Bathroom

    This research study adopts creative design strategies to enhance quality of life

  • Shaping Sustainable Fashion

    Shaping Sustainable Fashion

    ‘Shaping Sustainable Fashion’ explores theory, practice and methodology for fashion sustainability and specifically examines the way in which contemporary fashion clothing is produced, used and discarded. As fashion and textile designers become aware of the environmental impacts associated with clothing, this book presents a range of approaches that can be used to reduce and avoid textile waste.

  • Seriously good packaging!

    Seriously good packaging!

    Lottie Shaw’s have launched their new Yorkshire Parkin Biscuits in a pack designed by our structural packaging design team. The box manages to create real shelf stand out due to its unusual choice of material. The corrugated board box also has the advantage of being 100% recyclable and is suitable for home composting.

  • Bio Chair

    Bio Chair

    Can renewably-produced biopolymers be used as a viable alternative to petrochemical based plastics currently used in the manufacture of moulded furniture pieces?

  • User-Centred Healthcare Design

    User-Centred Healthcare Design

    User-centred healthcare design (UCHD) brings together patients, healthcare staff, families and communities to explore and understand the real-life experiences of healthcare. We use that knowledge to drive innovation and improvement in healthcare service delivery.

  • Neck Assessment Tool

    Neck Assessment Tool

    The Head-Up project is a 2-year study funded by the National Institute for Health Research's Invention for Innovation, or i4i, programme with a budget of £400k. Its principal aim is to develop a novel neck orthosis for neck weakness that supports whilst allowing freedom to move without negatively impacting quality of life.

  • The Act of Improvisation within the work of Tacita Dean

    The Act of Improvisation within the work of Tacita Dean

    This Special Issue speaks to CRIs notion of improvisation as a site for the analysis of social practice. To this end the authors explore practical experiences of improvisation through experimental artistic practice. The research sets out to construct a tripartite structure that incorporates failure, serendipity, and sagacity, leading to improvisation by exploring the practice of Tacita Dean and in particular the exhibition, 'An Aside' (2005).

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