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  • Telecare and Health Technologies - CLAHRC 2

    Telecare and Health Technologies - CLAHRC 2

    Telehealth and Care Technologies is a core theme of Collaboration in Leadership for Applied Research and Healthcare (NIHR). The overarching aim of this theme, led by the University of Sheffield, is to produce a step change in knowledge and practice in the design and use of telehealth and care technologies in services that are effective, cost-effective and are usable by the broadest possible range of people.

  • exhibition in a box

    exhibition in a box

    Building on the ‘engagingaging’ project and series of associated exhibitions 'Exhibition in a box' is a transnational research platform that involves health academics, health practitioners and older people in the UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Malta.

  • The 'State of the Art' of Design Theory and Practice in Healthcare

    The 'State of the Art' of Design Theory and Practice in Healthcare

    In recent years there has been growing interest in the potential of design approaches to transform health care.

  • Are translucent structures possible?

    Are translucent structures possible?

    This AHRC-funded research builds on the knowledge in 'TTURA - Open Loop Solutions' to investigate a radical new application for glass/polymer composites in architecture.

  • NHS Packaging Assessment

    NHS Packaging Assessment

    Alaster Yoxall works to eliminate poorly performing packaging from the supply chain through informing suppliers about ISO17480 and encouraging packaging to be tested, and if it fails, working with the Design Futures team to help with the redesign

  • FRAILsafe


    International studies indicate that approximately 10% of all patients who are admitted to hospital suffer some form of adverse event (AE). An AE can be defined as an unintended harm to a patient resulting in injury, death or a prolonged admission.

  • Engagingaging


    This research explores the role of the exhibition as a ‘theatre for conversation’ and its role and format as a research tool as well as a means of dissemination.

  • What's In My Stuff?

    What's In My Stuff?

    What's In My Stuff? is an interdisciplinary research project which brings together scientists and artists in order to explore the public’s awareness of the chemical elements used in the everyday objects we all own and use. It explores issues of sustainability, recycling and growing concerns about the scarcity and ethical sourcing of the minerals and materials that we take for granted or never knew existed but which are vital for the technology we use every day.

  • Rituals of Self Design

    Rituals of Self Design

    In the quest for an optimised body that incarnates beauty, wealth, health, and success, a growing number of individuals across social sectors are engaging in practices of body modification. With the advances in medical research and the popularisation of surgery, the body becomes a luxury item, a malleable design matter, which can be sculpted, sucked, lifted and invested into.

  • Foreign Bodies

    Foreign Bodies

    The monograph, published and distributed internationally by ACTAR Publishers, targets academic and non-academic audiences concerned with hybrid practices in the arts, applied art and design. The publication contextualises and sets out Zellweger's research and work in different media and includes images of finished works, works in progress and in context.

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