Transformational Health - CLARHC 2

Transformational Health - CLARHC 2

transformational health CLARHC 2

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Art and Design Research Centre


Positive deviants

Transformational Health is a core theme of Collaboration in Leadership for Applied Research and Healthcare (NIHR) led by the University of Leeds. The aim of the research enquiry is to improve patient care and clinical outcomes across the region, disseminate actionable research findings that can be deployed nationally and internationally and contribute to the science of service improvement

The approach involves the identification of positive deviants (eg organisations, hospital teams or general practices) that demonstrate exceptionally high performance in a particular area of care. The practices of these organisations are then studied in-depth to understand 1) what it is that they do, and 2) how to spread this good practice throughout the service.

The design research contribution led by Paul Chamberlain (CoI) will focus on creative methods to engage and understand potential factors of positive deviants such as aspects of the way people work together and communicate, design of the physical space and equipment, procedures and processes, organisation of work, information flow, and support from external functions (eg IT support, Human Resources, training systems).

Researchers involved

Professor Paul Chamberlain - Design Director Lab4living and Head of Art and Design Research Centre
Dr Anne-Marie Moore - Research Associate

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