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  • TacMap

    This project concerns the development of an iconic tactile language for use in the production of tactile maps. Though Braille is assumed to be the main way blind people read and write, in Britain (for example) out of the reported 2 million cohort of visually impaired individuals, it is estimated that only 15-20,000 people use Braille and its use has declined since the increase of blind children into mainstream schools.

  • BioFurniture (IMPUMFAID) Improving Materials Properties using Modified Flax and Innovative Design

    This project seeks to establish whether modified bio-composite sheet materials made from renewable natural resources can be used as viable alternatives to compressed sheet and petrochemical based materials currently used in the production of furniture designs.

  • Tactile Sounds

    The tactile sounds system is a versatile modular vibro-acoustic furniture system that can be used by users with sensory impairment to explore the world of meaningful sounds through vibration in therapeutic, educational and recreational environments.

  • The Practices and Circumstances that shape Product Attachment in the Home

    My article-based PhD contributes to research on design and sustainable consumption, by exploring how and why we keep things.

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