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  • Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome, C’mon In

    Willkommen. Bienvenue. Welcome, C’mon In

    This body of work explores and questions the conventional longevity of the exhibition and the categorisation of the exhibited object, influenced aesthetically by the Dazzle camouflage techniques of the early twentieth century, and conceptually by Dazzle’s historic precedent for the functional instrumentalisation of contemporary art.

  • Jewellery as Prostheses

    Jewellery as Prostheses

    In the collective search for improvement, ultimate functionality, beauty and perfection, the body has been commodified, becoming the subject of design, a luxury item.

  • SMART 1

    SMART 1

    The product is a rehabilitation device for people who have suffered a stroke. It is an addition to the community support provided by Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists; since it provides authoritative feedback about the quality of a person’s rehabilitation exercises as they perform them.

  • Delete


    While most historical accounts of the development of computer design focus on specific computers or manufacturers, examining the success stories of hardware and operating systems, Delete: A History of Vapourware creates a completely new narrative by investigating the machines that didn’t make it.

  • Digital Christmas

    Digital Christmas

    Elaborating on the result of a field study of Christmas traditions in eight British households, we are exploring the design of technology specifically aimed at augmenting existing practices of family celebrations.

  • The production and application of Japanese alloys and patination

    The production and application of Japanese alloys and patination

    Exploring traditional Japanese alloys and patination at Sheffield Hallam University

  • What if?

    What if?

    This Sheffield Hallam University project creates a social interactive game to raise awareness of sustainability issues taking as a starting point everyday life



    This EPSRC funded project explored the potential of film and animation in promoting communication between younger and older people growing up and growing old in care

  • PhD case study - Open Design for Medical Products

    PhD case study - Open Design for Medical Products

    Involving users in the design of medical products appears to be ‘common sense’; the notion that an individual that lives with a particular condition has a unique insight into life with that condition appears self-evident.

  • Friction stirred mokume gane

    Friction stirred mokume gane

    Mokume gane is a high value, decorative laminate material used in the jewellery industry. Production of mokume gane is difficult and expensive at both small scale and industrial levels.

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