• Rituals of Self Design

    Rituals of Self Design

    In the quest for an optimised body that incarnates beauty, wealth, health, and success, a growing number of individuals across social sectors are engaging in practices of body modification. With the advances in medical research and the popularisation of surgery, the body becomes a luxury item, a malleable design matter, which can be sculpted, sucked, lifted and invested into.

  • SHINE - Design in Rehab

    SHINE - Design in Rehab

    Teaching 'design thinking' skills to people with spinal cord injuries to increase self-efficacy. This project builds upon a pilot project 'design and rehabilitation' undertaken by the Lab4Living team supported by the Silvia Adams Trust and the Royal Society of Arts.

  • Loolab


    The aim of the project was to further our knowledge within the context of the cultural use of bathrooms

  • Understanding Dexterity and Packaging

    As we age, there is a natural decline in our physical and mental capabilities. Generally we are not as strong or as dexterous as we used to be and there is some decline in our visual acuity and memory

  • Shape of Things to Come

    Shape of Things to Come

    In this project Paul Chamberlain took a central role in introducing entirely new approaches to medical drug delivery connectors, using a haptic/cognitive approach to reduce problems of mismatching that have led to fatal accidents.

  • Transformational Health - CLARHC 2

    Transformational Health - CLARHC 2

    Transformational Health is a core theme of Collaboration in Leadership for Applied Research and Healthcare (NIHR) led by the University of Leeds.

  • Ergonomic Cutlery

    Ageing results generally results in a reduction of physical ability, and an increased likelihood of some form of chronic illness such as arthritis or musculoskeletal pain

  • Stigmas


    Stigmas is a collection of furniture that embody issues relating to the physical, cognitive and attitudinal challenges older people face in everyday life. these critical artefacts do not present solutions but a series of considered questions that illuminate a landscape of old age.

  • RSA Spinal Injury Design Workshops

    RSA Spinal Injury Design Workshops

    This Lab4Living project relates to Design and Rehabilitation, an RSA initiative which began in 2009, to teach design to people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) as a route to independence, resourcefulness and greater control over their lives.

  • TacMap


    This project concerns the development of an iconic tactile language for use in the production of tactile maps. Though Braille is assumed to be the main way blind people read and write, in Britain (for example) out of the reported 2 million cohort of visually impaired individuals, it is estimated that only 15-20,000 people use Braille and its use has declined since the increase of blind children into mainstream schools.

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