Incredibles - Off-Space exhibition

Incredibles - Off-Space exhibition

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Medical body modification

Under the heading INCREDIBLES Zellweger explores the uncanny but also spectacular side of medical body modification and toys with its psychological implications; the lengthening of limbs (phantom limbs), improved performance (plug-ins & add-ons), impossible body parts, optional aesthetics, variations and choice (from the Incredibles series).

INCREDIBLES consists of several bodies of work relating to each other which where shown in three exhibitions in 2010.

  • (INCREDIBLES I) Joint exhibition with artist Emma Woffenden; BIGGER THAN THE REAL THING, Marsden Woo Gallery, London
  • (INCREDIBLES II) Group show for the benefit of a Breast Cancer Foundation; DES SEINS A DESSEIN, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne, Switzerland
  • (INCREDIBLES III) Solo in Off-Space l'Annexe; INCREDIBLES - CHRISTOPH ZELLWEGER, Gallery ViceVersa, Lausanne, Switzerland

The solo exhibition INCREDIBLES captured the inquisitive nature of the investigation by showing an installation of over thirty body-related artefacts (in materials such as porcelain, leather, rubber or wax) in a gallery space with an over-sized bay window in the city centre of Lausanne.

Researchers involved

Professor Christoph Zellweger - Professor of Art and Design

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