• Keypiece


    KeyPiece was a combined public exhibition and research event bringing together leading metalworking practitioners and their work in November 2009.

  • Wearable medical monitoring devices

    Wearable medical monitoring devices

    Tomorrow Options produces micro-electronic based products for the healthcare markets. The company identified a need for an improved system for diagnosing diabetic foot disorders and approached Design Futures to work with them on a project which was at the concept stage, 'WalkinSense'.

  • Data Objects

    Data Objects

    The data-objects project is a practice-based research project that asks can the creation of physical artefacts based on data extracted from complex digital information systems change the way we read, interpret and respond to digital information?



    The research programme was funded for 12 months by the AHRB (now AHRC) looked at open loop solutions for recycled glass from the consumer, construction and automotive stream

  • Computer History

    Computer History

    A social, cultural and design history of the evolution of the electronic computer, its reception, consumption and representation

  • Head UP

    Head UP

    This project builds on work we have done with users identifying their problems with current neck supports and what their requirements are for an ideal neck support. We have development two complimentary concepts for novel neck supports (FlexLace and Pull-a-Neck), based on user and healthcare professional workshop.

  • Tracking Obesity Using Games

    Tracking Obesity Using Games

    This project explores how design processes and tools can be used to create games that promote physical activity amongst adolescents

  • A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

    A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

    In A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion Dr Alison Gwilt foregrounds the relationship between life cycle thinking and sustainable design strategies in a new model for fashion design practice.

  • Green to Gold

    Green to Gold

    Based on 7 years of research and development the ‘Green to Gold’ project brings together work that spans material development, process development, product design, fashion design, jewellery and metal work along with designers, makers, retailers and consumers

  • MEMO - Objects of Storytelling and Digital Memory

    MEMO - Objects of Storytelling and Digital Memory

    Memories can be formed around contact with physical objects that populate our everyday lives, we make sense of the physical world by the memories we create. We can create levels of understanding in relation to objects by organising significant memories into stories that hold meaning.

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