2017 - 2019

NESTORE - Novel Empowering Solutions and Technologies for Older people to Retain Everyday life activities.

The overall aim of the research is to co-design a multi-dimensional, cross-disciplinary and personalised coaching system. Leveraging ICT social connectivity NESTORE will support older people to sustain independence.

The research specifically seeks to:

  • Build understanding of hopes and aspirations of participants to gain insights as to what individuals find meaningful (in order to inform the types of activities that NESTORE may offer to engage and motivate end users of the product.
  • Build understanding of user requirements of the technology; factors that promote and inhibit use.
  • Identify priorities regarding health concerns of people aged 50+
  • Encourage this group to become co-producers of their own wellness.
  • Explore other potential contexts where the technology may be used.

Partner – Politecnico di Milano
Funded by EU Horizon 2020

Researchers involved

Professor Paul Chamberlain - Co-Director C3RI, Head of Art & Design Research Centre, Director of Lab4Living and Director of Design Futures
Dr Claire Craig - Co-Director, Lab4Living, Senior Lecturer Occupational Therapy
Nick Dulake - Senior Industrial Designer

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