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Andy Hext

Andy is one of three English Institute of Sport/ EPSRC case studentships in CSER

Rick Shuttleworth

Richard's programme of work investigates the role of affordances on adaptive behaviour in sport

Courses BSc (Honours)


Full-time - 3 / 4 Years Psychology

Explore the science of thoughts, feelings and behaviour on this British Psychology Society-accredited course.

2022 - Undergraduate UCAS: C800


We regularly publish articles written by our experienced lecturers and tutors

Career planning advice for alumni

Even if you have been left unscathed by the changing job market, never has it been a more important time to think about one's own employability and ability to adapt to changing circumstances rather than get rooted in one niche role or sector.

Business ethics

By considering the ethics of business, perhaps we can learn to discern good from bad, even right from wrong, within the context of business - not only for our own benefit, but for the benefit of others too

Everyone speaks English, don't they?

Everyone speaks English, don't they? Well, actually, no they don't. Did you know that only 6% of the global population are native English speakers and 75% speak no English at all?

What's the score?

Performance management is becoming ever more vital to the public sector. However, the focus tends to be on the role of government and regulators.

Managing events - tips from the experts

Phil Crowther is a passionate event practitioner and lecturer at Sheffield Business School

Remember the customer

Remembering the customer is as important for customers as it is for your company – ultimately your business is solving their problem and whether you are selling them a product or a service, they want to know what you can offer.


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