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The Animal Gaze

18 February 2011–20 March 2011

The Animal Gaze examines new ways in which animals appear in contemporary art and the ethics and aesthetics to which such practice may be subject. Representations of animals that regularly appear elsewhere in visual culture are avoided (no animals as decoration, nor status symbols and vehicles for ancient mythology or totemic ritual). Instead, the exhibition shows stances outside anthropocentrism, deconstructions of species taxonomies, constructions of the idea of difference and documentation of the consequences of indifference.

The Animal Gaze includes video works by artists working in the UK and internationally.
They visualise humans’ real and imaginary encounters with other species, and portray
animals that are domestic and wild, working and at rest, alone and huddled together.
Capturing all the affective power of such animal encounters, The Animal Gaze challenges the viewer to look at animals differently and, perhaps, to perceive animals looking back.

Artists: Angela Bartram, Sarah Beddington, Catherine Bell, Suky Best, Rich Broomhall,
Chloë Brown, Mircea Cantor, Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan, Roz Cran, Tessa Farmer, Hayden Fowler, Dyffort & Driesch, Kathy High, Cathryn Jiggens, Aurelia Mihai, Daniel Mijic, Miranda Whall, Roz Mortimer, Melody Owen, Clara Rueprich.

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