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A development programme for senior managers

SIG, Sheffield's highest earning and most profitable company asked us to create a tailor-made development programme for its senior managers.

What we did

The company turned to our Centre for Individual and Organisational Development (CIOD), part of Sheffield Business School. It was clear from the outset that the company wanted much more than an off-the-shelf package, but because CIOD has more than 200 academics at its disposal, it was possible for them to design a programme to meet SIG's exact requirements, using academics with considerable commercial experience.

The result

A bespoke programme was put together to help managers develop their skills in mentoring, communications, finance, leadership, customer relationship marketing, strategy and processes, acquisitions and supply chain management. SIG has sent its business leaders on the programme, ensuring that all of their executives are equipped with the latest business knowledge.

They say

No other organisation that we met could provide such a bespoke package as the University. We are getting exactly what we need in terms of a selected list of cutting edge expertise with the added bonus of solutions to current business problems that can start making a difference straight away.

John Hornby, training and development manager, SIG

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