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Undergraduate modules

Undergraduate modules

The centre hosts a number of undergraduate modules open to both law and criminology students that encompass pro bono services, including HKC Law Clinic and HKC Clinical Appeals. These modules provide advice and assistance to members of the community and beyond, supported by a team of practising solicitors.

HKC Clinic Team AwardHKC Law Clinic

HKC Law Clinic is a full legal pro bono service. You work on real civil law cases under the supervision of qualified solicitors, from the first interview with the client. It gives you an insight into the pressures and demands of the legal profession, and gives you the opportunity to serve real clients from the local community.

Street law schools

Working largely in partnership with schools and other community groups, you work in a team to research and deliver advice and guidance about particular areas of law. 

You receive training form Urban Lawyers as part of the module.

We work closely with the founder of Urban Lawyers, Dr Tunde Okewale. Follow him on twitter 

HKC criminal appeals clinic

You can apply to work on a real case of an alleged miscarriage of justice. You gain a unique insight into the criminal justice system, which many do not experience until they are working in practice.

Street law prisons

This module involves assisting in the rehabilitation of offenders by educating them about their legal rights at the point of release which is a niche area of law. This might include issues related to housing, drug abuse or child access.

Human rights project

You have the choice of which organisation to work with on an issue of human rights or equality law, such as a local authority or charity. This is a research and training and development opportunity.

HKC Prison clinic

You work on real life cases providing advice on prison law issues. Examples include advice and representation on re-categorisation, sentence progression and home detention curfew issues.

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