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Continuing professional development

Continuing professional development

If you work in health and social care we have a continuing professional development (CPD) package to suit you.

Modules and short courses

You can choose from an extensive range of credited modules taken individually or as part of a part-time programme that you can build up over time towards a degree classification. We also run short courses lasting one to three days.

Our offer is divided into the following themes.

  • Assessment, clinical reasoning, decision making and diagnostics
    This theme supports the development of specialist skills, including provision relating to extended roles, advanced practice roles, interprofessional practice and new ways of working. Learners are usually autonomous practitioners. This provision supports safe and timely assessment and diagnostics that will benefit users of health and social care services.
  • Education and development
    This theme supports formal education and training roles, practice educator roles as well as mentoring. We provide educational opportunities to support you with role and help you develop your confidence to support learning in the workplace. There is also the opportunity to be introduced to technology enhanced learning tools.
  • Interventions and clinical skills
    This theme supports evidence-based contemporary practice. It updates professionals' knowledge and clinical skills to safely deliver patient-centred care.
  • Leadership
    This theme aims to provide educational opportunities to support leaders and managers of services in change management, transformational leadership, influencing others and motivating teams. We acknowledge the continuum of these roles.
  • Research, service, development and evaluation
    This theme develops your research skills enabling you to explore complex practice concerns, service improvement and evaluation, managing and filtering information as well as project management.
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