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We are active researchers in Applied Linguistics, TESOL and English for Academic Purposes. Our particular interests span discourse, genre, pragmatics, and the teaching, learning and assessment of English for Academic Purposes. Recent and ongoing projects within the TESOL Centre include:

Our research is shared with local, national and international audiences through conferences, seminars, and guest lectures, and has appeared in highly-ranked international peer-reviewed journals and edited collections. These include Applied Linguistics, English Language Teaching Journal, English for Specific Purposes, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Functional Linguistics, Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, Teaching in Higher Education, and International Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Examples of research

Copland, F. & Donaghue, H. 2019. Post observation feedback. In Walsh, S. & Mann, S. (Eds) The Routledge Handbook of English Language Teacher Education. London: Routledge

Gannon, S., Taylor, C., Adams, G., Donaghue, H., Hannan-Swain, S., Harris-Evans, J., ... Moore, P. (2019). ‘Working on a rocky shore’: Micro-moments of positive affect in academic work. Emotion, space and society.

Kaufhold, K., & McGrath,L. (2019). Revisiting the role of ‘discipline’ in writing for publication in two social sciences. Journal of English for Academic Purposes.

McGrath, L., Negretti, R., & Nicholls, K. (2019). Hidden expectations: Scaffolding subject specialists’ genre knowledge of the assignments they set. Higher Education.

DONAGHUE, Helen (2018). Relational work and identity negotiation in critical post observation teacher feedback. Journal of Pragmatics, 135, 101-116.

HERON, Marion and WEBSTER, Joanne (2018). Scaffolding talk in EAP lessons: an examination of experienced teachers’ practices. Innovation in Language Learning and Teaching, 1-13

NEGRETTI, Raffaella and MCGRATH, Lisa (2018). Scaffolding genre knowledge and metacognition: Insights from an L2 doctoral research writing course. Journal of Second Language Writing, 40, 12-31.

Negretti, R. & McGrath, L. (2018). Scaffolding genre knowledge and metacognition: Insights from an L2 doctoral research writing course. Journal of Second Language Writing, 40, 12-31.

DONAGHUE, Helen and OXHOLM, Alice (2017). Engaging student teachers in reflection through micro teaching and interaction. The European Journal of Applied Linguistics and TEFL6 (2), 145-164.

DONAGHUE, Helen. (2017). Co-constructing positive identities in post-observation talk. In M. L. Cárdenas & N. M. Basurto Santos (Eds.), Investigación - research - recherche en lenguas extranjeras y lingüística aplicada (pp. 33-56). Bogotá, Colombia: Universidad Nacional de Colombia & Universidad Veracruzana.

JAY, Tim, WILLIS, Benjamin, THOMAS, Peter, TAYLOR, Roberta, MOORE, Nicolas, BURNETT, Cathy, MERCHANT, Guy and STEVENS, Anna (2017). Dialogic Teaching : Evaluation Report and Executive Summary. Project Report. London, UK, Education Endowment Foundation.

MOORE, Nick (2016). What's the point? The role of punctuation in realising information structure in written English. Functional Linguistics3 (6), 1-23.

Donaghue, H. (2020). Teachers and supervisors negotiating identities of experience and power in feedback talk. Modern Language Journal.

Donaghue, H. (2020). Feedback talk as a means of creating, ratifying and normalising an institutionally valued teacher identity. Journal of language, identity and education.

Negretti, R., & McGrath, L. (2020). English for Specific Playfulness? How doctoral students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics maniplulate genre. English for Specific Purposes.

Taylor, C.A., Gannon, S., Adams, G., Donaghue, H., Hannam-Swain, S., Harris-Evans, J., ... Moore, P. (2019). Grim tales: Meetings, matterings and moments of silencing and frustration in everyday academic life. International Journal of Educational Research, 99, 101513.

Nicholls, K. (2019). ‘You have to work from where they are’: academic leaders’ talk about language development. Journal of Higher Education Policy and Management, 1-18.

Heron, M., & Thompson, H. (2019). How do trainee teachers engage with a flipped learning approach? Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 1-15.


Conference presentations

DONAGHUE, H. Negotiating identities: Relational work in critical post observation feedback. BAAL Annual Meeting, York St John University, York, UK., 6-8 September, 2018.

HUGHES. S. Faculty perspectives on international students’ speaking skills: possible causes of challenges and how pre-sessional courses could help. BALEAP PIM: Speaking, INTO Newcastle University, 9 June, 2018.

KAUFHOLD, K. & MCGRATH, L. Revisiting discipline in writing for publication in the social sciences. Department of English, Stockholm University, Sweden, 21 May, 2018.

MCGRATH, L., NEGRETTI, R. & NICHOLLS, K. Hidden expectations: Scaffolding subject lecturers' genre knowledge of the assignments they set. Paper presented at the Norwegian Forum of English for Academic Purposes, Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway, 7 June, 2018.

MCGRATH, L. Revisiting discipline in writing for publication in the social sciences. Paper presented at the AESLA conference, University of Cadiz, Spain, 19 April, 2018.

NEGRETTI, R. & MCGRATH, L. Transfer of genre knowledge? On metacognitive scaffolds in the writing for research doctoral class. Paper presented at the AESLA conference, University of Cadiz, Spain, 21 April, 2018.

MOORE, N. A Sense of Identity: What Research in 'Identity' Means for Applied Linguistics. 7th Conference On Critical Approaches To Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), Aalborg University, Denmark, 4 - 6 July, 2018.

MOORE, N. & AXELBY, J. Playing Catch-Up: Linguistic Knowledge about Language in Tertiary Education. "Teaching grammar: from theory to policy and practice" Linguistics and Knowledge about Language in Education (LKALE) - BAAL Special Interest Group Meeting, Aston University, U.K, 27 - 28 April, 2018.

MOORE, N. Best Practice Worldwide in QA for English-Medium Higher Education. Presenter & Workshop Facilitator for "Workshop on creating a National Quality Framework for English in Higher Education", Council of Higher Education, Turkey, 27 February, 2018.

TAYLOR, L. Using post-test think aloud interviews to investigate student reading skills and reading test validity. English UK North Academic Conference. University of Sheffield, Saturday 6 October, 2018

THOMPSON, H. (2018)  “How do undergraduate TESOL Trainees really engage with flipped learning?”  52nd annual International  IATEFL Conference Brighton: 10 April, 2018

WEBSTER, J. Building a Bridge between IELTS and Academic Writing. BALEAP PIM, The University of Sheffield, 14th November 2015

At the TESOL Centre, we work closely with practitioners to develop research projects which are relevant to their own teaching and scholarly interests. Our goals are to improve classroom-based practice, enhance learning, and to contribute to knowledge in the field. We are proud of the research our students produce, and proud to have recently supervised a BALEAP dissertation award winner and two British Council MA dissertation commendation winners.

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